Olandon: A Tainted Accords Novella, 4.6 (English Edition) Prime – Stg2bio.co

The battle was won, but the war isnt overOne month ago, Olandons older sister abdicated the throne, leaving him a world he never expected to ruleWith his mother dead and gone, the Osolis court should be exultant Instead, those of high rank close in on every side, threatening to endanger the new and fragile peaceThe attacks on the Ire folk continue The loyalty of his army hangs by a thread The scrutiny of three worlds is on him, each race weighing what kind of leader he will beYet all Olandon can focus on is the danger creeping closer to the person he loves, a bruma he never thought to see again, and a person his court will never acceptA person who, if he fails, will pay with their life He is TatumBut he has never felthelpless in his lifePLEASE NOTE Olandon is part of a companion novella series and is designed to be read after books in The Tainted AccordsReading Order Fantasy of FrostFantasy of FlightFantasy of FireFantasy of FreedomSinOlandonRhoneShard