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Owly And Wormy Want Some Butterflies But When They Come Home From The Nursery With A Plant That Will Attract Some Fluttering Friends, All That Show Up Are Fat, Green Bug Things Bug Things Are NOT Butterflies But, They Are Nice And Fun And Good At Sleep Outs Under The Stars And Always Up For A Game Of Checkers Fat, Green Bug Might Even Be Better Than Butterflies Let S Be Friends Forever But, The Bug Things Can T Stay When The Bugs Build Their Cocoons, Owly And Wormy Think They Have No Friends Left At All They Wait And Wait And Wait And One Day Their Dreams Have Come True And All A Flutter Owly S Friends Are BackD They Ve Turned Into ButterfliesBold, Graphic And Full Of Fun, This Wordless Storybook Will Give Pre Reader The Wings They Need To Start Reading On Their Own, And A Firm Footing On The Idea Of Metamorphosis As a long time fan of Andy Runton s work, I had no doubts that his newest installment would be a great addition to my collection What I was surprised by though was the change in formatting and I have to say, it s all for the better While, I like the smaller, black white books, this larger format, full color hardcover really brings the story to life.As for the story, it is a simple tale of transformation beautifully illustrated and written with picture balloons A lot of us know how truly difficult it is to write an entire book without using a single word, but Runton seems to have no trouble with it This type of storytelling also makes it easy for my 4yr old to read the story to mommy at bedtime always a nice treat.In summary, I was pleased enough with this book to write a review a mere hour after storytime with my oldest son Thank you Runton for another beautiful tale we look forward to many, many. This is an empowering book for pre readers My kid loves it I even checked on him one night to find he had sneaked it into bed and was reading it to himself It was a great moment. I discovered OWLY at the library, and all my children 7, 9, and 13 fell in love with him instantly, as did I We immediately stocked up on these gems written and drawn by ANDY RUNTON There is a whole series of them Also a plush OWLY cutie The drawings so cute, and all the animal friends in the book do nice things and help each other There are not words in the book, but even better, expressions and thoughts in the speech bubbles The Author does this in a way that teaches children about non verbal communication, emotions, and yes, body language with the little animal friends Super cute, and a must read Would also be good to teach children about emotions and reading body language Who knew forest friends could do that