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Owly And Wormy Want Some Butterflies But When They Come Home From The Nursery With A Plant That Will Attract Some Fluttering Friends, All That Show Up Are Fat, Green Bug Things Bug Things Are NOT Butterflies But, They Are Nice And Fun And Good At Sleep Outs Under The Stars And Always Up For A Game Of Checkers Fat, Green Bug Might Even Be Better Than Butterflies Let S Be Friends Forever But, The Bug Things Can T Stay When The Bugs Build Their Cocoons, Owly And Wormy Think They Have No Friends Left At All They Wait And Wait And Wait And One Day Their Dreams Have Come True And All A Flutter Owly S Friends Are BackD They Ve Turned Into ButterfliesBold, Graphic And Full Of Fun, This Wordless Storybook Will Give Pre Reader The Wings They Need To Start Reading On Their Own, And A Firm Footing On The Idea Of Metamorphosis Just dont try and read these to the kids I couldn t LOLThese are an intro to comics and paperback reading Love the idea. I loved the drawings and the story.What I liked less was the storytelling itself it relied heavily on speech bubbles containing symbols instead of full words in this supposedly wordless book In other words, the pictures did not really tell the story. Owly and Wormy, Friends All Aflutter is one of the most charming and delightful books I ve ever experienced Without words Andy Runton crafts a delightful story of friendship My 2.5 year old and I have poured over each page with glee She laughs and loves to craft the story for me now that we ve been through it a couple of times.Honestly, if you have young kids and want to introduce them to comics, this book, and it s companion Bright Lights and Starry Nights with a scary cave, but super friendly bats is perfect Get it now My 4 year old daughter LOVES Owly and it s a story she can read all on her own The illustrations are great and the stories are really adorable