[ Prime ] Philip Astley and the Horsemen who invented the CircusAuthor Dominique Jando – Stg2bio.co

In This Fascinating And Carefully Researched Book, Dominique Jando Tells Us When, Why And How The Former Sergeant Major Of A British Hussars Regiment Created The Most Universal Form Of Entertainment, The Circus It Was Not A Chance Occurrence The Place, The Times And The Social Context, All Led To This Pivotal MomentPhilip Astley Became England S Greatest Showman, But If He Was Indeed A Visionary, He Was Not A Lone Experimentalist Immediately, Other Equestrians Followed His Example And Participated In The Development And Expansion Of The Circus In Europe And The Americas This Is The Story, Too, Of These Extraordinary And Colorful Pioneers Who Were Astley S Contemporaries, Whether Pupils, Competitors Or Colleagues Charles Hughes, John Bill Ricketts, Philip Lailson, Antonio Franconi And A Few Others Including Astley S Own Son, John Conway AstleyRelying In Large Part On Their Contemporaries Testimony, Dominique Jando Places These Pioneers Back In Their Historical And Social Context, As Well As In The Often Overlooked Context Of The Nascent Show Business Of The Late Eighteenth Century Principally In Great Britain, But Also In Europe And In America This lively, interesting, and meticulous history brings to life the colorful characters who created the modern circus It includes a good mix of details about their acts and shows as well as their business dealings and provides helpful and informative context for how this new art form developed and flourished. If you are a circus lover, you want this book if you are a circus performer, you need this book Dominique is a world class historian who has also been involved in every aspect of circus and helped create some of the most enduring and important circus institutions we have today With Phillip Astley he s written an exciting and detailed history of the beginnings of modern circus In this age when history means what happened yesterday, Dominique has given us that gives all circus folks back our heritage. So surprised this book did not include anything on The Medrano Circus If one would ask the average circus goer what animal they associated with the circus, I m sure they would say the elephant But the animal upon which the circus is based is the horse This carefully researched and well crafted book by Dominique Jando is a must in the library of all circus fans and those interested in theater history It covers the development of the circus from individual equestrian performances to the true circus Jando covers not only a very detailed history of Astley, the father of the circus, but also his competitors Included is the introduction of the circus to America by John Bill Ricketts and his in turn his competitors Of special interest to this reader was the coverage of the blending of circus and theater This book is an interesting read and highly recommended.