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Photography The Essential Way is a departure from tradition that moves boldly into the digital age with you This new book embraces the new photography that is captured, shaped, transmitted, printed, and saved electronically, while retaining coverage of film and its exposure and development

15 thoughts on “Photography: The Essential Way

  1. BoogerBay BoogerBay says:

    The Photography textbook series seems to be the best in the business, but are also the most expensive Photography The Essential Way is a less expensive but still fully thorough text for photography beginners.Before buying this, I compared the table of contents of this book to the 9th and earlier editions of Photogrpahy From what I could tell, then and now, there isn t a whole lot missing I work with digital files, so I didn t need info on developing my own film, though it might still be mentioned in this version The important topics of lighting, focus, aperture, f stop, etc are all included.If you get this book instead of the fuller texts, you still shouldn t miss much.

  2. Jerry A. Barnes Jerry A. Barnes says:

    I always recommend this to new photographers This text takes them from start to finish and give the basics of photography I refer back to it from time to time.

  3. Dominik b. Terror Dominik b. Terror says:

    great coffee table book

  4. Jeremiah Policky Jeremiah Policky says:

    I bought this text for one class and wound up using it in three I ll never get rid of it, it s a great reference and something to turn to for inspiration.

  5. manmade manmade says:

    The book is a required college text It s technical content at times is very clear, accurate, and clearly written However, the author s generally take far to long to develop a point, and literally put me to sleep Also, each chapter contains to many useless pictures of bygone photographers, that do not necessarily relate to the specific technical material outlined They do at times provide photos that demonstrate a concept Unless your stuck like I was required college text bypass this book and find something thats clear, concise, and focused on today s technology that s affordable Lastly, this book falls short on so many fronts, I can t believe they can charge so much I will not even keep it as reference book.

  6. Ozymandius Ozymandius says:

    The definitive guide to photography This is the book recommended for photography classes, because it is the most thorough, and is updated I recommend this for beginners and pros.

  7. AmandaRae AmandaRae says:

    This book is an excellent digital photography reference book With thousands of examples, reference photos, and descriptions, this book explains everything that you need to know or forgot you already know.

  8. Mikail IBRAGIMOV Mikail IBRAGIMOV says:

    Perfect book

  9. MM MM says:

    I bought it for a textbook and still can not put it down Very informative and helpful for the photographer in you.

  10. Emily Keith Emily Keith says:

    This book has not been any helpful than any of the numerous photography books I have In fact, it may be a little less helpful, because the layout is not great I would pass on this one.

  11. Kwok C. So Kwok C. So says:

    I like this item very much, it help me a lot of skill to take good picture with very good images thanks

  12. Mr. G. Mr. G. says:

    As a complete novice to photography, I found this book to be very helpful The layout is well done, and is easy to read It explains details simply, without flooding you with technical jargon If you are a novice or beginner, this book will give you good basic information on digital and film photography, with a little history thrown in.

  13. Benjamin Hutton Benjamin Hutton says:

    This was a purchase for a class and the price was a lot cheaper than getting it through the college.

  14. Dan W Dan W says:

    So i picked the book up for a college digital photography class This book covers everything from film to digital photography, lighting, setups and so much The professor on the other hand just blah blah blah about the government and jets putting poison in the sky, etc I want to learn about photography, not YOUR political views I have since dropped the class, but kept the book.

  15. Xiaoyi Jiang Xiaoyi Jiang says:

    The book looks good, no damage and notes.