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Playing Bit Parts in Shakespeare is a unique survey of the small supporting roles such as foils, feeds, attendants and messengers that feature in Shakespeare s plays Exploring such issues as how bit players should conduct themselves within a scene, and how blank verse or prose may be spoken to bring out the complexities of character definition, Playing Bit Parts in Shakespeare brings a wealth of insights to the dynamic of scenic construction in Shakespeare s dramaturgy MM Mahood explores the different functions of minimal characters, from clearing the stage to epitomizing the overall effect of the comedy or tragedy, and looks at how they can extend the audience s knowledge of the social world of the play She goes on to describe the entire corpus of minimal roles in a selection of six plays Richard III The Tempest King Lear Antony Cleopatra Measure for Measure Julius Caesar This new edition comes enhanced with a new Appendix, Who Says What , especially designed to aid directors in making decisions about the speaking parts of the minimal characters It also comes complete with an index of characters including line references as well as a detailed general index An invaluable aid for directors and actors in the rehearsal room, this perceptive and informative volume is equally of interest to students studying and writing about Shakespeare s plays