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This book is SO damn good 15 engaging and awesome stories about unexpectedly brilliant princesses, that are racially diverse, with stunning illustrations Smart, courageous, funny, strong girls doing wonderful things Honestly, my kids ADORE this book.This stupid princess narrative of get in danger, get rescued, live happily ever after is outdated and far too restrictive for little girls with big dreams in these modern days.I m also going to mention again how racially diverse the illustrations are as well, as it it so important for children s literature to feature female protagonists who aren t white The whole books feels warm, inclusive, and funny, without feeling performative Belle ends up working for the Fairyland Protection Office of Restorative Justice, protecting the community from curses Marisha and Melody a black Little Mermaid and Moana solve the problems of ocean pollution, clean water, and overcoming prejudice A black Rapunzel ends up becoming an architect, and with the help of her blind Prince, pioneers technologies to enrich places and spaces for all An Inuit Snow Queen learns to be kind to others and about reparations to those she has hurt Elizabeth from Elizabeth and the Wild Swans becomes an animal friendly fashion designer An Asian Cinderella finds her Prince, and becomes first a leader of the Business Affairs Council unifying workers and seeking fairness wherever things are unjust , and later becomes Prime Minister The Goose Girl, Greta, becomes a famous actress Star and The Twelve Dancers sees Star become a famous and innovative ballerina An Indian Princess called Sevinah in The Princess and the Pea ends up starting a dating agency with Prince Omar that delights in helping people in Fairyland find love and companionship without injury or insult An Arabian Princess Zade runs a textile empire A red head Thumbelina called Mai becomes a prominent musical producer, and then later a lawyer specialising in contracts and advocacy Filipa as Little Red Riding Hood becomes a ranger with the FEB Fairyland Environmental Bureau , campaigning for the right of wild wolves and making hunting them illegal Princess Aurora founds The Centre for the Study of Sleep and Circadian Differences with her formally evil fairy friend In Sleeping Beauty, Princess Neve and her formerly evil stepmother open a beauty spa, campaign for real beauty in Fairyland, and ban the creation of enhanced mirrors A Meso American Princess Evan helps her friend the Frog aka, Prince Pascal , and ends up becoming a zoologist with a special interest in rainforest frogs and campaigns against keeping animals in zoos. Brilliant Kirkus Reviews, starred review What if princesses didn t always marry Prince Charming and live happily ever after In this stunning anthology elegantly presented in a red, clothbound hard cover with gold toned metallic debossingfavorite fairytales have been retold for a new generation These princesses are smart, funny, and kind, and can do anything they set their minds to Focused on issues including self image, confidence, LGBTQ, friendship, advocacy, and disability, these stories are perfect for sharing between parents and children, or for older princesses or princes to read by themselves They teach that a princess is a person who seeks to help others, is open to learning new things, and looks for ways to add purpose to their lives and the lives of those around them Get reacquainted with these powerful princesses Snow White champion of real beautySleeping Beauty specialist on sleeping disordersThumbelina music producer and advocateRapunzel world famous architectBelle the Brave undercover agentElisabeth and the Wild Swans fashion designerCinderella prime minster and businesswomanStar and theDancers dancerThe Goose Girl stand up comedianPrincess Sevinah and the Pea founder of the Fairyland Dating ServiceThe Snow Queen winter sports coachThe Little Mermaid advocate for peace between mer people and humansZade storyteller oftales and businesswomanEvangeline The Frog Princess natural historianLittle Red Riding Hood environmentalist and Princess of the WolvesPower to the princess I brought this for my daughter for when she is older Stories suitable for children age 8 upwards and a great selection of historical and inspiring female figures Really well written with exciting and swift moving prose Illustrations are super too The red velvet flecked cover adds a touch of luxury I think this will become a family favourite to read at bedtime Also enjoyed by boys and girls in my year 3 class. I love these stories As a dad of a young girl I really hate the helpless princess stories and these really work against that idea and just keep going The stories are recognisable but changed and subtly and not so subtly weave in contemporary issues, such as the little mermaids love of surface worlds junk becomes commentary on our use of the oceans Oh, and the art work is beautiful. I Love this book Lovely modern versions on classic fairytales, where the princess s are finding their passion in life such as careers and helping the environment I ve only read 4 of the stories so far, in these stories they subtly touched on racism, included a gay marriage and all have strong female leads I look forward to reading the rest of the stories with my daughters. My daughter loves looking at the pictures in this book while we read the stories, it s a beautifully made book. Was this written for the American market Strange use of the English language for a children s book, even older children might find it a little odd.Great concept though. bought for my niece as a present She loved it Great buy, great value for money Lovely books for growing girls, which instil strength, courage and bravery. Very nice product thanks.