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Surprisingly good condition for the price I paid If you love Busted, then this is the book for you It is filled with great pics that ll make you drool, and full of tons of facts you never knew before I got this book before it offically was released, and have read it about four times already It is really interesting as it truly makes you appreciate what Matt, James and Charlie have done in order to make it big, showing that they truly deserve it A brilliant read Definatly 5 stars If you were a fan of Busted then you would already own this like me It is a must have for any serious fan of the band with life stories from each member about many topics The book begins with each of their history, statistics, albums that changed their life, icons and a reference from someone they know The stories are really interesting and may just change your mind about who these boys are The guys are very open and candid about their past and how they grew up and what we have here isn t just another way to make money for the record company but an honest account of the boys lives and autobiographies, their thoughts about band life, life in general, obviously music, recording the debut album, the singles, touring and how the band came together It s not just media fodder for promotion In the girls section Charlie states I was fourteen by the time I had my first girlfriend wow shocking I nearly fell off my seat The funniest bit is about an account of Charlie seeing Danii Minogue at a party and when he walks past she apparently goes Fwoaaarrrr The integrity of that such account can be left to the reader Among the chapters Making the band, What I go to school for, Busted The album, Busted in the house, Girls, On the road, Time out and looking to the future, there are comments from editors, the record company, TV networks, paper s comments about the band and their early songs and the story of the real Miss Mackenzie The book is 76 pages long and is a decent size, so this isn t just a short read and the book is overcharged, this is a decent sized book and it s well worth buying If you are a fan then it should keep you pleased for a while There are so many great full colour photos on every page, which, if you haven t got this book, then many of them you wouldn t have seen before so that s a treat itself.With in depth details and interesting facts and stories about the band it is a book that you don t want to miss out on It s a book you will find yourself looking through time after time The only thing I would like to complain about is that on the blurb it says It s all here Why do they jump up and down so much Well I have read this book at least a couple of times and I never did find out the answer to that question OK i would like to get the opputurnity to say that this BAND ISN T MANUFACTURED IF YOU READ IT YOU WOULD KNOW anyway i got this for my birthday, and the pictures are great and so on and so forth Massive fan but i didn t give it 5 stars because i don t think it was really UMFF it the word I have readlots of book like this like david lee roth and eddie izzard and i sorta compared this to them, so maybe next time they could try a bit better Sorry guys The book, is great, the boys are great BUSTED the official bio is excellwnt, with lods of stunning bios, pics and other things, this book has it all if u are a busted fan, then i would strongly recommend this. This book is absolutely BRILLIANT We couldn t wait for it to come out and it didn t disappoint It includes all their personal stories and how they rose to such phenominal success They currently have four top three singles including one number one You Said No Lets not forget the fact that it is jam packed with the most gorgeous pictures of James, Charlie and Matt The guys were so grounded and lovely when we met them at the signing of the book We suggest you buy it now its a damn good read p.s Also buy the album it Rocks A superb read for Busted fans of all ages It tells the boy s story so far, is full of fantastic pics of them and will raise a few laughs, as well as a few eyebrows If you are a Busted fan, this is a definate must for your collection A book you can read again and again and not get bored with Einordentliches Buch welches einen Einblick in das Erste Jahr von Busted gibt Man merkt dass es offiziell ist und auch nur offizielle Daten im Buch ver ffentlicht wurden Es ist bersichtlich aufgebaut und hat viele Fotos. With guitar driven punk pop to rival top US groups like Blinkand Wheatus Busted were a breath of fresh air when they burst onto the scene inwith the catchy single What I Go To School For , followed by YearBusted aim to be the natural antidote to choreographed boy bands and this book offers a scrapbook of the group s personal rock n roll memorabilia, reflecting their rapid rise to fame Surfing, shooting pool, football, gigging a series of snapshots of life in young, bright, guitar driven Britain inEvery tale is told by the lively Bustedyear olds, Mattie, Charlie and James, oozing wit, style and charm Added to the mix are exclusive photographs of the band in recording and television studios, on the road and live on stage during their first tour in May British