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I loved Sarina Bowen s deliciously sexy hero Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling authorGeorgia Worthington and Leo Trevi were the golden couple of their high school He was the hockey team captain, she was a tennis star Until graduation, when tragedy pulled them apartFive years later, everything s coming together for Leo His dreams of playing professional hockey seem to be coming true as he s called up from the minors to play for the NHL s newest team The only problem The team s publicist is the woman who broke his heartAs she tries to prove herself as the senior PR specialist for a major NHL franchise, the last thing Georgia needs is the distraction of her former flame But when Leo arrives at the press conference that can make or break her career, Georgia realizes that the man she put her on ice might still be able to melt her heart

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    E lo spin off di uno dei libri della serie the Ivy Years Giorgia e Leo si ritrovano anni dopo essersi lasciati dopo l ultimo anno del Liceo Ritrovarsi non semplice in questa fase della loro vita in cui le rispettive carriere professionali sono ad un bivio, ma il legame profondo che li aveva legati da ragazzi difficile da ignorare.La lettura piacevole e scorrevole e la descrizione dei due personaggi e dei loro sentimenti accurata e coinvolgente.Consigliato

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    This is of the Spin Off of one of my favorite NA series and I couldn t miss it.In the first book of this new series we see again some old friends like Trevi Leo ,his brother DJ and his girlfriend Lianne, we know Georgia better and we meet for the first time a new hockey team Brooklyn Bruisers ,some cool players,a grouchy coach and a charming billionaireI really hope I can get a full story for every single one of them.I love Second Chance stories and this one didn t disappoint me.Georgia is the PR of the Brooklyn Bruisers and she thinks she has her life settled until a new Rookie,Leo, arrives and makes her future a little less predictable The two of them have some history,they were high school sweethearts until Georgia called it off on the graduation day.Leo is determined to win her back even if the journey to their Happily Ever After isn t easy.I ve enjoyed this novel so much thanks to Sarina Bowen s brilliant writing and to her amazing characters that kept my interest from the title page until the ending.

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    Georgia Worthington and Leo Trevi were teenager sweet hearts until Georgia was sexually attacked Leo valiantly supported her after the tragic event but feeling shame and embarrassment, she reluctantly asked him to walk away So broken hearted he walked away.Five years later Georgia is the publicist for the Brooklyn Bruisers and the team owner Nate Kattenberger has bought Leo Trevi mid season to play on his newly formed ice hockey team At the news conference to present him, Leo surprisingly declares his feelings for Georgia when he overheard the team captain criticising her.Leo is obviously still in love but it is an up hill struggle to get Georgia to acknowledge her buried feelings and to get the team coach also Georgia s father to treat him fairly and select him to play regularly.How Georgia and Leo eventually get their second chance at love is a lovely sweet story Make an to read it.

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    Sarina Bowen is an author who has consistently and repeatedly been the source of much entertainment this reading year Bittersweet and Steadfast were fantastic novels from her True North Series, and now with Rookie Move The first novel in her Brooklyn Bruisers series she really makes it hard for a girl to pick her favourite stand out hero.If you ve read The Fifteenth Minute you ll know that Leo Trevi is the older brother to my hockey husband, Daniel DJ Trevi Although it s not necessary to read TFM first, it s actually here that the first nugget of Leo and Georgia s story is told Like a good little bookworm I bookmarked that piece of information in hopes that one day their story would be told.Rookie Move takes place six years after the high school sweethearts last saw each other It s a new and exciting time for them both Leo is called up to play for the Brooklyn Bruisers and unbeknownst to him, Georgia s career is taking off as the teams PR representative If you thought it d be a warm and fuzzy reunion, you d be wrong It s fraught with uncertainty, but the undeniable recognition of their lost soul mate is ever present The anticipation combined with their familiarity made for a romance that instantly had me rooting for it.Gorgie is determined to keep her distance and maintain only a professional relationship, but Leo however has no doubts and is unwavering in his determination for a reconciliation I found him an adorable hero and couldn t help but laugh at his PR gaffes which were the constant source of Gorgie s headaches Once again Sarinas blend of endearing heroes and strong heroines make for addictive reading Rookie Move is effectively a second chance romance Although their love was great the first time, the second time is even better.

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    This was my first book by Sarina Bowen and it certainly won t be the last.From what I know, both the protagonists had part in other book s from the author but this can certainly be read as a standalone since I hadn t read any previous books and it didn t hinder my enjoyment at all.This was such a good read The hero was sweet and the heroine really strong and I just really loved them together This was one of those second chance at romance with your forever love Georgia Worthington is the acting PR manager of the Brooklyn Bruisers Georgia is determined to be the permanent PR manager of the team and to do that everything has to go perfectly especially for his first press coverage Her press day starts with her coach father and her boss arguing over the new player and ends with the new player declaring his love for her to the media.Leo Trevi is the new player on the Brooklyn Bruisers Team He has finally made to the NHL and thinks that everything is turning going his way when he finds out that not only is the coach his ex girlfriends, father who he doesn t want him in the team at all Plus the team is not very welcoming either.Georgia and Leo haven t seen each other in over six years but they haven t forgotten each other at all I mean Leo still thinks of Georgia as his love Georgia and Leo were high school sweethearts and they were blissfully in love but when tragedy stuck and Georgia decides to break things off with Leo thinking it was for the best, but leaving Leo confused and broken hearted It was obvious to anyone that both Leo and Georgia still loved each other.Being around each other after so long brings about strong feelings of attraction and love which were never quite buried by either of them.Leo was a great hero, open with his feelings about Georgia and I really liked that he didn t push Georgia and gave her space when she needed and trying to understand her He was just smitten with Georgia and it was just sigh worthy Georgia was also great she was strong and a badass really This book was such a lovely happy, swoony book with slight angst to keep the reader entertained I d recommend this to anyone who likes sports romance and a happy slightly less angst filled romance with great characters.Random Comments I loved Becca, she s very interesting and I m intrigued by Becca and Nate I want their book Next up is O Doul book so I m excited about that as well.

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    I bought this book because it was on sale for 99p and written by Sarina Bowen It didn t disappoint naturally Although, I wasn t a fan of Gigi high school past.This book is a second chance romance It s a hockey based story with lots of swooning moments Gigi and Leo were high school sweethearts 6 years later they end up on the same team and time hasn t changed a thing Things are about to get hot and heavy.4.5 stars out of 5 If you like ice hockey romances, this is for you Sarina Bowen is one of my favourite Authors and she always delivers.