Free eBook Sawyer (Carolina Reapers Book 2) (English Edition)Author Samantha Whiskey –

I never thought Id achieve my dream of playing for the NHLNot while Im my moms sole caretakerBut the Carolina Reapers offer me a deal I cant refuse A spot on their roster and top rated support for my moms battle with Parkinsons Balancing an NHL schedule and my mothers care fills every minute of my day,But one glance at Scythes bartender, and Im looking for ways to make timeEcho Hayes is my exact opposite shes wildIm reserved Shes fearlessIm carefulShes aam last call, and Im aam practiceOn paper, we shouldnt workBut in reality, our chemistry burns hotter than these Charleston nightsWeve agreed to no strings,But every taste leaves me wantingAndis where she draws the line The past haunts her, and my obligations own my presentBut it doesnt stop me from wanting a future with herOur worlds are drastically differentAnd when they collide The fallout jeopardizes my contract, and puts our hearts on the lineNow Im the one begging her to risk it allOr well lose everything worth fighting forWelcome to the Carolina Reapers, Samantha Whiskeys newest hockey series where the chill of the ice meets sultry southern nights

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