[Free Prime] Shakespeare Alive!: America's Foremost Theater Producer Brings Shakespeare's England to LifeAuthor Joseph Papp – Stg2bio.co

From Joseph Papp, American s foremost theaterproducer, and writer Elizabeth Kirkland acaptivating tour through the world of William ShakespeareDiscover the London of Shakespeare s time, afascinating place to be full of mayhem and magic,exploration and exploitation, courtiers andforeigners Stroll through narrow, winding streets crowdedwith merchants and minstrels, hoist a pint in arowdy alehouse, and hurry across the river to theopen air Globe Theater to see that latest playwritten by a young man named Will Shakespeare Shakespeare Alive spirits you backto the very years of that London as everydaypeople might have experienced it Find out how youngpeople fell in love, how workers and artists madeends meet, what people found funny and what theyfeared most Go on location with an Elizabethantheater company to learn how plays were produced,where Shakespeare s plots came from and how hetransformed them Hear the music of Shakespeare slanguage and words we still use today that were firstspoken in his time Open the book and elbow yourway into the Globe with the groundlings You llbe joining one of the most democratic audiences thetheater has ever known alewives, apprentices,shoemakers and nobles in applauding the dazzlingwordplay and swordplay brought to you by WilliamShakespeare

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