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Short Skinny is a graphic novel that I chose with my kids in mind While I don t often read them, my children really like them This novel is sort of autobiographical and I can tell the author put a lot of feeling into the tale It s about his time in middle school when he is short and skinny and wants to change things so he s not such a target for bullies He sees Star Wars when it comes out the theaters and has an idea to reinvent himself He makes his own cartoon spin off of the movie and finds the confidence he had been searching for.I thought the panels were well illustrated in this book It was quick to read, both for me and my kids It s recommended for ages 8 and up and I think that is a good target From my experience, reluctant readers in elementary school including one of my own children are willing to read a graphic novel than one without illustrations I think this would be a good option in those cases to ease a young reader into bigger books that have a combination of words and illustrations It s also great for children who love to read and enjoy graphic novels along with chapter books. New From Syndicated Comic Strip Artist Mark Tatulli Comes A Full Color Middle Grade Graphic Novel That Centers On Mark S Own Experience In The Summer After Seventh Grade As A Middle Schooler, Mark Finds Himself On The Smaller Side Of The Physical Spectrum Being Short AND Skinny Has Really Wreaked Havoc On His Confidence So To End His Bullying Woes And Get The Girl Or At Least The Confidence To Talk To The Girl He Starts To Explore Bulking Up By Way Of The Miracle Cures In The Backs Of His Comics But His Obsession With Beefing Up Is Soon Derailed By A New Obsession Star Wars, The Hottest Thing To Hit The Summer Of As He Explores His Creative Outlets As Well As Cures To His Body Image Woes, Mark Sets Out To Make His Own Stamp On The Film That He LovesMark Tatulli S Graphic Novel Debut Is A Humorous And Heartfelt Take On Body Image, Finding A Creative Outlet, And Spending A Summer In The S This graphic novel about to he author s own experiences as a beginning seventh grader in 1977 could not have been done better I loved everything about this book from the exciting drawings to what a short and skinny boy with weak self body image to a very active imagination He has three bullies to contend with Also he is very embarrassed about his size I felt for him, in seventh grade I was overweight and shy with a passion for books.Mark is the middle child, stuck between a big and strong older brother and a very athletic younger and bigger sister The first day of school started off with a scoliosis exam What a horrible surprise for him to have take off his shirt in front of the other boys He does have crush on Lisa and he would like to impress her with the size and muscles that he does nor have But his passion to be a cartoonist who writes with humor is key to his eventual success. This is a marvelous graphic novel about a summer in the life of author Mark Tatulli As the title hints he was short it has attention to detail and a story line with will please both young and old I love it. As an adult who remembers being a kid in the 70 s and seeing Star Wars for the first time It was an incredible experience, wasn t it I really enjoyed this graphic novel memoir Today s kids probably can t imagine a world without Star Wars or truly appreciate why it was so unique in its day but I believe they will relate to Mark s pain at not fitting in with the other kids In his case, it was being too short and too skinny Others may feel they are too tall, too big, too fat, or whatever This book addresses that issue beautifully, without being heavy handed on the lesson Readers will meet Mark s family, his friends, his crush and the bullies that occasionally make his life miserable Follow Mark through the summer after his seventh grade year as he continues to be an underachiever on the swim team, goes on a family vacation, discovers Star Wars and tries out all the short and skinny cures from the back of his comic books It s a fun read but heartwarming, too.