Free eBook Skater (Seattle Sharks Book 6) (English Edition)Author Samantha Whiskey –

Im the Seattle Sharks power forwardThe rising star The sniper The skaterOn the ice, Im invincibleOff the ice, theres room in my heart for only one girl my five year old niece When my addict sister leaves Hannah on my doorstep with nothing but a backpack and a note full of excuses, my entire life shiftsPlayoffs or not, keeping my niece out of foster care is my first priority I need helpfrom anyone but her Ivy HarrisCoachs other daughterGorgeous, smart mouthed, recklessHannahs new BFF and favorite babysitterIvys been under my skin since she clicked into my life on four inch heelsThe same heels I just caught Hannah playing dress up in But Ivys never been able to color inside the lines,and with Hannahs future hanging in the balance,I cant chance stepping outside themno matter how badly I want toIvy and I fight like pros until our mouths are too busy kissing The line between enemy and lover is blurry, and if we cant figure out what we mean to each other, it will cost us everything in the endincluding Hannah