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Discover The Slow Cooker Cookbook That Is Geared Toward ConvenienceWe Know You Are Always Looking For Easier Ways To Cook Your Meals We Also Know You Are Probably Sick And Tired Of Spending Long Hours In The Kitchen Cooking With So Many Pans And Pots Well, Now Your Search Is Over We Found The Perfect Kitchen Tool You Can Use From Now On We Are Talking About The Slow Cooker Slow Cooker Allows You Cooking Some Of The Best Dishes Ever With Minimum EffortWith Our Slow Cooker Cookbook You Dont Need To Be An Expert In The Kitchen To Cook Delicious, Flavored, Textured Dishes All You Need Is Our Slow Cooker Recipes And The Right Ingredients This Slow Cooker Cookbook You Are About To Discover Consist Of Best Slow Cooker Recipes EverEnjoy Amazing Breakfasts, Simple And Sweet Desserts, Lunch Dishes, Side Dishes, Poultry, Meat And Fish Recipes Collected In One Slow Cooker Cookbook Every Recipe Is Easy To Cook And The Directions Are Easy To Follow If You Were Looking For Slow Cooker Cookbook For Dummies This One Would Be A Great Choice Check Out Some Of The Recipes From Our Slow Cooker Cookbook Banana And Coconut OatmealHash Browns And Sausage CasseroleApple And Onion Lunch RoastPork And Chorizo Lunch MixBeans, Carrots And Spinach SaladChicken Cordon Bleu DipChicken With Peach And Orange SaucePoached Cod And Pineapple MixItalian Barramundi And Tomato RelishCoconut And Macadamia CreamGet This Slow Cooker Cookbook For Beginners And Start Cooking In A New And Innovative Way It Will Be The Best Culinary Experience Of Your Life

5 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Cookbook: 500 Recipes for Everyday Cooking (English Edition)

  1. Ramiro Rayos Jr Ramiro Rayos Jr says:

    Helpful nutritional info pleasant surprise Recommended in any case Recipes are absolutely satisfying for any palate that s why I highly suggest this cookbook for all those people who have almost no time to cook at home but realize the need to stay well fed and healthy I never used my slow cooker to make anything except vegan soups and some sauces I ve attempted to other slow cooker cookbooks but with very little success previously recipes failed most of the time It s a completely different story now I m not sure whether it was lack of recipe testing or my cooking abilities, but I ve had lots of unpleasant experiences with other slow cooker cookbooks before On the contrary, this cookbook has yielded nothing but the excellent meals times and ingredients are spot on, although sometimes I tend to change them a little bit to suit my needs Of the dozen recipes I ve tried so far, I ve had great success with my family members These recipes are not only super healthy they are interesting too, literally making my guests going for seconds and even thirds sometimes Counting carbs has never been easier, and picking the recipes I would like to try too I m a great one for adapting the recipes to make them taste better, and I can make these ones right out of the book, so delish and easy they are.

  2. Egon Fly Egon Fly says:

    Everyday ideas are something like common knowledge You don t have to make an effort to make these recipes work yet they can be messy if you don t have an idea how to get along with your slow cooker Please note that if you are purchasing certain recipes you re purchasing the whole cookbook together with them, that s why I recommend you to decide whether this cookbook is worth trying.Be prared to interact with substantial number of new ideas because they are going to be yours from now on It s a good book, and I decided to try ninja foodi cookbook by Jeff to tame my pressure cooker as well.Be prepared to cook, and cook good foods This slow cooker cookbook is a feast that s always with you nad will be with you if you would like to do it.I ve been able to cover a substantial number of recipes, so the most interesting and useful among them were the following ones Apple Breakfast Rice Chicken Tacos beef Stew Thai Chicken Soup.I recommend this cookbok to families with kids they will find the ideas useful.

  3. Maximus One Maximus One says:

    Gorgeous table of contents it s sorted out and structured, it helps me to use my slow cooker to the top of its possibilities Soups and stews are not an issue any since I can follow the directions in here and cook so many pies, cakes, sauces, meat recipes perfection.

  4. A. Whittam A. Whittam says:

    I highly recommend this slow cooker cookbook to those who look for interesting and benefitial home cooked meals I m a rookie and slow cooking has never been a lifestyle I prefer to lead but having this cookbook I m going to use it as often as I can I have a slow cooker, and this reciep book complements it perfetly there s no need to find a suitable cookbook or a suitable appliance of a new model.I m truly interested in all the effects home cooked healthy meals has on a human organism I hope the outcome is going to be positive.

  5. Mike Mike says:

    I m trying not to make a big trouble over the home cooking I m currently doing or the foods I m trying to avoid, but mostly all of my friends know I m trying to stick with the slow cooking at least for a while Naturally I recommended this cookbook to all those who have been interested in changing their lifestyle some people are glad, some don t even look at the book but mostly the responce is positive