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GradeUpWhen she was in sixth grade, Telgemeier tripped while running and lost her two front teeth In the years that followed, she went through a torturous series of dental surgeries and repairs, the trauma of which was mirrored by the social struggles she experienced during her adolescence A minor complaint is that there is no mention of when all of this took place, and readers may be puzzled by seeming anachronisms such as old school Nintendo games Telgemeier s full color artwork is confident and light, and her storytelling is appropriately paced This straightforward and entertaining autobiographical comic is sure to pleaseDouglas P Davey, Halton Hills Public Library, Ontario, Canada Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reservedThe dental case that Telgemeier documents in this graphic memoir was extreme a random accident led to front tooth loss when she was , and over the next several years, she suffered through surgery, implants, headgear, false teeth, and a rearrangement of her remaining incisors Accompanying the physical treatment came social rough spots with friends, while puberty delivered another set of curveballs with crushes, maturing bodies, and changing family expectations and judgments Both adults and kidsincluding various dental professionals and younger siblingsare vividly and rapidly portrayed, giving quick access to the memoirists world Telgemeiers storytelling and full color cartoony images form a story that will cheer and inspire any middle schooler dealing with orthodontia At the same time, she shows how her early career choice as an animator took root during this difficult periodoffering yet another gentle reminder that things have turned out fine for the author and can for her reader as well Grades Francisca Goldsmith