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Stick Dog and his pals are back, but this time the temperature is rising and they re all feeling the heat They need cold, cold ice cream on this hot, hot day It will take all of Stick Dog s smarts to guide his friends to a scrumptious ice cream feast They ll battle a water attacking machine, discover rainbow puddles, and chase the strangest, loudest truck they ve ever seenBut there s a looming threat to their mission Stick Dog gets spotted by a human And the police are on his tail If he s captured, Stick Dog may never see his friends again If he escapes, it s ice cream for everyoneWith hilarious text and stick figure drawings, reluctant readers will eat this one up Perfect for fans of such series as Dog Man, Big Nate, Timmy Failure, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid

15 thoughts on “Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream

  1. les58 les58 says:

    Have had had to change some of the Americanisms but enjoyable books

  2. Darlene Lacey Darlene Lacey says:

    awesome series

  3. Jennifer Keim Jennifer Keim says:

    Great to have another Stick Dog out My kids are so excited too

  4. A. Woodmansee A. Woodmansee says:

    This is our third Stick Dog book We started with an advanced reader copy of the first book and since then my twin 8 year old daughters have waited tooth and nail for each subsequent book I ordered this so it would arrive the day it was released and the arguing and fighting about who got to read it first ensued and tears were involved, that s how badly each wanted to read it The voracious reader between the two got it first and blew through it pretty quickly Her sister read it the same day Both loved it, laughed out loud the whole time, and both twins have re read it several times since Both want to keep this book as a part of our permanent library and will not let me donate this book away Definitely would recommend this super duper humorous and addicting to an 8 year old book Careful though, it will leave your kids wanting ice cream, wanting something sweet to eat

  5. Isaac Isaac says:

    My daughter loves the Stick Dog series She likes to read them for fun Anything that gets kids to read and unplug from all the devices and TV is a great thing.

  6. Patricia Tamuccio Patricia Tamuccio says:

    My grandson loved the addition to his collection of Stick Dog books..

  7. norma42 norma42 says:

    Was a gift.

  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:


  9. Book It Book It says:

    Thank You

  10. MKGT MKGT says:

    My 10 year old doesn t really like to read, but when it comes to the Stick Dog book series, she can t put the books down She will even read the same book multiple times Love it

  11. MAbear MAbear says:

    Another series my just turned 7 year old boy loves Funny, silly, laugh out loud We love Stick dog and all his silly friends Fun to read together and imagine life from a dog s point of view

  12. Gabrielle Dennis Gabrielle Dennis says:

    My 10 year old son loves this hilarious book and all the other Stick Dog books in the series I hope the author continues to write Stick Dog books We have the one on hamburgers and hotdogs, pizza and ice cream.

  13. soo soo says:

    What a wonderful adventure filled story The children and grandchildren love being read toand didn t interrupt other than giggling at Stick Dog and his friendsthey are already asking for the next book in the series to come I highly recommend this series for all youngstersrefreshingly quick witted and author Tom Watson certainly captures the hearts of each character.amusing, fun filled and adventures for smiles young and old

  14. coverdalev coverdalev says:

    My 11 year old daughter loves these books Quirky, adorable She reads them over and over.

  15. Kim Kim says:

    My 3rd grader absolutely loves this series of books I have found that the higher level the books get they may not always be age appropriate for her But NOT these Truth be told, I love having her read them to me, they are very cute and funny.