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Dancer, Award Winning Choreographer, Show Producer, Stand Up Comedienne, TV Film Actress And Author, Norma Miller Shares Her Touching Historical Memoir Of Harlem S Legendary Savoy Ballroom And The Phenomenal Music And Dance Craze That Uspread The Power Of Swing Across The World Like Wildfire UA Dance Contest Winner By , Norma Miller Became A Member Of Herbert White S Lindy Hoppers And A Celebrated Savoy Ballroom Lindy Hop Champion Swingin At The Savoy Chronicles A Significant Period In American Cultural History And Race Relations, As It Glorifies The Home Of The Lindy Hop And He Birthplace Of Memorable Dance Hall Fads Miller Shares Fascinating Anecdotes About Her Youthful Encounters With Many Of The Greatest Jazz Legends In Music History, Including Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Billie Holiday, Artie Shaw, Duke Ellington, Ethel Waters, And Even Boxer Joe Louis Readers Will Experience The Legend Of The Celebrated Harlem Ballroom And The Phenomenal Swing Generation That Changed Music And Dance History Forever

5 thoughts on “Swingin' at the Savoy: The Memoir of a Jazz Dancer

  1. Stephen Cannon Stephen Cannon says:

    In the 1930s and 1940s, Swing jazz captivated America in a way no musical style ever had before Swing was largely developed in Harlem and its driving beat made dance an inevitable component of this new music The new dance created was the lindy hop, a non classic couples dance largely created on the floor of the Savoy Ballroom.Swinging at the Savoy traces the life of Harlemite Norma Miller, who came of age just at the perfect time to invest her entire future in a faddish dance despite protests from her disapproving mother.Of course, Norma beat the odds and made a decent living as a performer, but this is not what the book is about The real draw of this book is the chance to glean musical and dance history straight from the horses mouth Indeed, Norma discusses the bands, the clientele, the lifestyle, the celebrities she met, and racial issues, but often than not the bubbly Norma gets caught up in the warmth of her very dear memories.Swinging at the Savoy follows Norma through innumerable danceperformances, which were far from dull thanks to infectious Norma s joy and enthusiasm for dance However, I would have preferred that her performances had been given a bit less weight and had been included a few anecdotes on Duke Ellington and Chick Webb, discussion on issues such as the development of the music and dance, and how interracial dancing was possible in the dark ages of the 1930s.Of course, the book is subtitled The Memoir of a Jazz Dancer and so I cannot really fault the book for putting the events of Norma s life at the center Further, the book is prefaced with an excellent essay by jazz expert Ernie Smith that provides a solid historical perspective on the music and dance of Swing.Swinging at the Savoy is a breeze to read and includes a good number of photographs that help bring the book to life I recommend this book to anyone interested in African American culture, jazz, dance, or U.S history.

  2. lisle_g lisle_g says:

    Great narrative of the early Swing movement and the people who created it

  3. Andrea Cody Andrea Cody says:

    This is the story of a real dancer I love Norma Miller and thank her for sharing her stories They are amazing and inspirational

  4. Heather C. Liston Heather C. Liston says:

    Norma Miller, the youngest member of the original swing dance troupe, Whitey s Lindy Hoppers, had to do some sneaking around in order to dance at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem some 60 odd years ago.If the spunk she has now is any indication of what she was like at 15, though, it s no surprise she helped invent a whole new dance form.This down to earth personal memoir by an effervescent woman whose first and last love is the excitement of swing is an invigorating read for almost anyone.It might make you want to drop everything and go out and dance .or it might just give you a better understanding of the history of Harlem and the extraordinary people who helped keep it on the map all these years with their artistic spirits and rich energy.

  5. Hyung Kim Hyung Kim says:

    Norma Millers book, Swinging at the Savoy, is one of the best reads on swing dancing and its history.I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in swing dancing, its history, and those who help createthis amazing thing called swing