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James Van Der Zee was just a young boy when he saved enough money to buy his first camera He took photos of his family, classmates, and anyone who would sit still for a portrait By the fifth grade, James was the school photographer and unofficial town photographer Eventually he outgrew his small town and moved to the exciting, fast paced world of New York City After being told by his boss that no one would want his or her photo taken by a black man, James opened his own portrait studio in Harlem He took photographs of legendary figures of the Harlem Renaissance politicians such as Marcus Garvey, performers including Florence Mills, Bill Bojangles Robinson, and Mamie Smith and ordinary folks in the neighborhood too Everyone wanted fancy portraits by James Van Der Zee Winner of Lee Low s New Voices Award, Take a Picture of Me, James Van Der Zee tells the story of a groundbreaking artist who chronicled an important era in Harlem and showed the beauty and pride of its people

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