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Whenyear old Abbas arrives in England to start a new life, little does he know that his troubles have only just begun His cousin packs him off to boarding school, and infrequent phone calls are Abbas s only contact with his beloved mother in Iran Things get even worse when his cousin threatens him with deportation and Abbas is forced to work through the night to repay his debt , finally ending up homeless and living on the streets Abbas s extraordinary resilience in the face of overpowering odds makes this true story from the internationally bestselling author of On Two Feet and Wings inspiring and unforgettable I,m as honored reading this book as I was when reading the first one I believe it can give great hope to other people in a dire situation if they have access to these books that is. This is an amazing story of bravery, resilience and determination.Following on from On Two Feet and Wings , the second installment of Abbas s childhood memoirs follows his quest to find a home and place of security, but brings even heartbreak than his first book. What a story From someone named in the book I only wish we had all seen the signs earlier and helped A lesson for all A book that tells the story of real determination, and both sides of human nature The author is one in a million. I am 13 years old and my mother suggested this book to me It is a bit violent at some parts but is an over all good book which one you ve started to read it, you can t put it down.