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He Trains My Hands For War, So That My Arms Can Bend A Bow Of Bronze From The Song Of David Samuel The Bronze Bow, Written By Elizabeth George Speare Author Of The Witch Of Blackbird Pond Won The Newbery Medal In This Gripping, Action Packed Novel Tells The Story Of Eighteen Year Old Daniel Bar Jamina Fierce, Hotheaded Young Man Bent On Revenging His Fathers Death By Forcing The Romans From His Land Of Israel Daniels Palpable Hatred For Romans Wanes Only When He Starts To Hear The Gentle Lessons Of The Traveling Carpenter, Jesus Of Nazareth A Fast Paced, Suspenseful, Vividly Wrought Tale Of Friendship, Loyalty, The Idea Of Home, Community And Ultimately, As Jesus Says To Daniel On Page Cant You See, Daniel, It Is Hate That Is The Enemy Not Men Hate Does Not Die With Killing It Only Springs Up A Hundredfold The Only Thing Stronger Than Hate Is Love A Powerful, Relevant Read In Turbulent Times

7 thoughts on “The Bronze Bow

  1. JMS JMS says:

    This was an exciting and moving book that I read with my son Very emotional and very thoughtful on many different levels Not sure if my 12 year old son could understand at all the levels but it certainly had an impact.

  2. Lois Lois says:

    I thought The Bronze Bow was a great book It might take a few pages to get into the story and writing, but after that, I could not put it down I stayed up late one night because I kept wanting to read just one chapter and see what was going to happen next.The book was very historically accurate, and I could picture everything in my mind as I was reading The characters are fantastic all unique and 3 dimensional, instead of the cardboard stereotypes that often pop up in historical fiction The author also vividly caught the emotion and spirit of the times You could feel Daniel s burning hatred of the Romans, as well as his struggle to treat his sister gently, so different from the rough way he was used to from living on the mountain His varying and sometimes grudging forms of friendship with Joel, Thacia, Simon, Samson, were all as interesting to read about as the exciting adventures of the band of young Zealots I also thought that Jesus was protrayed very realistically and accurately.I d say that this book is well worth reading, especially for the wonderful, hopeful ending.

  3. julies-sex-toys.co.uk Customer julies-sex-toys.co.uk Customer says:

    It really started as a novel study and when I first looked at this book I thought my teacher was out of her mind I really like it though now It s or less about a guy named Daniel He and his friends wanted to fight the Romans You ve got to keep in mind as you read that this was the time before the Romans took over all of the Jewish places Well, Daniel met Jesus one day and when Jesus told him to love the Romans, he was split or less in two Not literally YOu see, Daniel s parents had been killed by the Romans and that Daniel took a vow Well, disaster stroke and his possessed sister, Leah got ill because Danial got mad at her So, when Jesus came to heal her Daniel seemed pretty greatful Oh Just read the book I can t exactly explain, but the book is wonderful I mean it is so good

  4. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    In my attempt to read all the Newberry Award winners I had put off reading The Bronze Bow In fact it wasn t until I had read a few pages that I become throughly involved in the story of Daniel I feel this book has much to give to readers of all ages The messages of faith and endurance speak to all I felt the writing and plot lines drew in the reader and made you feel like you were on the mountain with Daniel The one thing I feared was that it would be a litle preachy, but Jesus was so human in this book that you could really concentrate on the messages that he was teaching I recommend this book to those who want to feel their spirits lift with every turning of the page

  5. frogqueen58@hotmail.com Mayde Smith frogqueen58@hotmail.com Mayde Smith says:

    I loved this book ever since I read the first letter It is a great story of how a teenage boy s life gets turned around when he has to go from being a mountain man to a village person I thought that the best part of the book, and I m sure others will agree with me, was the ending In fact, I even cried No one dies or anything, but just the idea of Daniel having to give up everything he s ever known, and I am not a person who cries a lot I would strongly recommend this book to any reader, no matter what kind of books they like the best, because everyone will like this one.

  6. Anna Wiesman(wies@aol.com) Anna Wiesman(wies@aol.com) says:

    Elizabeth George Speare s sense of compassion and trust shines through in this novel.Her characters come alive with a special sense of love.Jesus may be in the story,but religon isn t the issue love is.The best bronze bow is bent by compassion, forgiveness and understanding as Daniel realizes when he tries too hard to bend the bow through war and hate.The actual small bronze bow in the story that Daniel makes as a gift truly reprsents the best bronze bow made through love.

  7. julies-sex-toys.co.uk Customer julies-sex-toys.co.uk Customer says:

    This is book shows the hardships of a Jew under the rule of the Roman Empire and the fire in his young spirit It takes place during the time when Jesus went around preaching Very vivid and uplifting, this book will strengthen your faith.