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This book is many, many things Immensely heavy Don t try to pick up the package with one hand when it arrives at your house This thing weighs at LEAST 20 lbs Very large it s 15 inches by 10 inches Very large format Full color Beautiful color photos on nearly every page Jam Packed full of all of the circus lore you can imagine Written in English and German and French, all at the same time A perfect, I mean PERFECT gift for any circus buff you may know I know this because I bought it for a circus buff and he loves this book Seriously, a beautifully executed book of circus memories from all over You won t regret this book. Durante Su Apogeo El Circo Americano Fue El M S Grande De Los Espect Culos De La Industria Del Entretenimiento Desde Mediados De Hasta Mediados De , Los Circos Ambulantes Americanos Dieron Actuaciones Para Audiencias De M S De Espectadores, Contrataban A Unas Personas Entre Hombres Y Mujeres, Y Recorr An M S De Kil Metros Con Ferrocarril En Una Nica Temporada Espect Culos En Los Que Aparec An Multitud De Personajes Cl Sicos Como Los Hombres Bala, Superh Roes Forzudos, Desconocidas Aspirantes A Estrella Ligeras De Ropa, Atrevidos Domadores De Fieras Y Muchas Otras Asombrosas Figuras Estrafalarios Que Atraparon La Imaginaci N Americana En Su Poca Llegaron A Eclipsar Al Teatro, Al Vodevil, A La Comedia Y A Los Espect Culos De Juglares De La Poca Y, Finalmente, Ayudaron A Allanar El Camino Al Cine Y A La Televisi N Para Que Estos Consolidaran La Cultura Popular Moderna El Circo Le Dio La Oportunidad A Muchos J Venes De Vivir El Sue O De La Aventura Y La Reinvenci NEste Libro Nos Trae De Nuevo El Valor Y El Glamour Que Se Escond A Tras El Fen Meno Circense Entre Las Im Genes Encontramos Apreciadas Reproducciones De Fot Grafos Clave En Estos Primeros Tiempos Del Circo Como Frederick Whitman Glasier Y Edward Kelty, Las Primeras Fotograf As En Color Tomadas En El Circo Entre Y , C Lebres Representaciones Relacionadas Con El Mundo Del Circo Realizadas Por Mathew Brady O Cornell Capa Y Otras Menos Conocidas De Stanley Kubrick Y Charles Y Ray EamesPor Primera Vez, Los Lectores Contempor Neos Pueden Experimentar La Leyenda Del Circo Estadounidense En Toda Su Gloria This book is truly amazing Lots of great photos and posters Many of the photos looked as if they were taken only last year The quality of the images are large and amazing The text of the book is in three languages, which sometimes can become a nuisance if only interested in reading your own language, but not a real big issue at all.The only major flaw with the book would have to be that it isn t in chronological order, instead, the chapters go by areas of the circus, such as aerial performers, back lot, sideshows, etc If you re one interested in reading this book for the visual history of the American circus, it can get quite confusing with the book jumping around so often Another thing I disliked is that each chapter is repeated and additional 2 times for the other 2 languages, but with different images thank goodness.But with that said, all of the very rare images of performers and posters make up for these issues tenfold and worth the price As of this writing, the book is only 44 dollars on A total steal for such a behemoth of a book Looking forward to getting the Magic one Really wonderful book with amazing photos and circus posters my personal favorite as well as a good overview of the circus culture and history It would have been 5 stars but I knocked one off since the book arrived with torn and bent pages in the middle It must be a quality control issue from the publisher since the book arrives in a protective cardboard jacket and was plastic wrapped No way shipping would have caused this. THE CIRCUS 1870 1950 This is a behemoth of a coffee table book and is quite simply the last word on the subject of circus in America I bought the book on line as a Christmas gift for my husband, an ardent circus fan I was unprepared for the enormity of the volume, when the at least 20 pound package arrived But, when opened, I discovered a treasure chest of marvelous art and history He loves it The big and boffo art posters spell CIRCUS in the best of hyperbole and the book is a treat to peruse Better get something like a dictionary table, though, to hold it Then, pull up a chair, roll up your sleeves and have at THE CIRCUS, for an hour or ten of delightful immersion and celebration of an entertainment institution not just American, but world wide, with a rich and lustrous history.