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Coming from a family with a circus background I thought this book gave an accurate depiction of how the circus followed the trends of American society and the cast system in the circus family.Ronald Wallenda Bartosch I was very disappointed when I started reading this book and realized that it s a history of social change in America that incidentally uses the circus to illustrate its points It is not primarily a history of the circus The book is based on a scholarly sociology dissertation, and hence, it has long sections that aren t really even circus related, such as one on orientalism and another on gender issues The promotional materials and the book s cover are highly misleading in this regard I stopped reading about half way through. It helped me understand the culture and society of the circus. Good book A Century Ago, Daily Life Ground To A Halt When The Circus Rolled Into Town Across America, Banks Closed, Schools Canceled Classes, Farmers Left Their Fields, And Factories Shut Down So That Everyone Could Go To The Show In This Entertaining And Provocative Book, Janet Davis Links The Flowering Of The Early Twentieth Century American Railroad Circus To Such Broader Historical Developments As The Rise Of Big Business, The Breakdown Of Separate Spheres For Men And Women, And The Genesis Of The United States Overseas Empire In The Process, She Casts The Circus As A Powerful Force In Consolidating The Nation S Identity As A Modern Industrial Society And World PowerDavis Explores The Multiple Shows That Took Place Under The Big Top, From Scripted Performances To Exhibitions Of Laborers Assembling And Tearing Down Tents To Impromptu Spectacles Of Audiences Brawling, Acrobats Falling, And Animals Rampaging Turning Victorian Notions Of Gender, Race, And Nationhood Topsy Turvy, The Circus Brought Its Vision Of A Rapidly Changing World To Spectators Rural As Well As Urban Across The Nation Even Today, Davis Contends, The Influence Of The Circus Continues To Resonate In Popular Representations Of Gender, Race, And The Wider World