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Step right up for the Greatest Book on Earth For thanyears, Clowns International the oldest established clowning organization has been painting the faces of its members on eggs Each one is a record of a clown s unique identity, preserving the unwritten rule that no clown should copy another s look This mesmerizing volume collects thanof these portraits, fromto the modern day, accompanied by short personal histories of many of the clowns Here are Tricky Nicky, Taffy, Bobo, Sammy Sunshine, the legendary Emmett Kelly, and Jolly Jack, clowning sinceand still performing today with a penguin puppet named Biscuit A treasure just like the eggs it enshrines, The Clown Egg Register is an extraordinary archive of images and lives of the men and women behind the make up

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  1. Office Office says:

    BUYER BEWARE I only gave this book 1 Star as doesn t allow 0 Stars As a professional Clown, working in the UK, I bought this book as I thought it was a factual reference to the painted clown eggs collection each of which I was disappointed to discover are rather amateurishly painted AND to find out about the individual clowns that each egg depicts However, I was absolutely disgusted to discover that it was NOT professionally researched and that it is NOT a factual or informative record of the clowns whose faces appear within it There are two defamatory and libellous comments about one clown included in it who I know for a fact the author did not try to contact However, the author included a photo of their clown face on an egg and wrote a lot of garbage about them, presumably given to them by a rival clown performer as what s written next to it is hugely derogatory and libellous This is something that I find completely UNACCEPTABLE and I think Particular Books, an Imprint of Penguin Random House Books, have irreparably damaged their reputation as publishers, as a result On the strength of this, there may well be, quite probably, a lot completely erroneous statements stupidly published within it too SERIOUSLY DO NOT BOTHER BUYING IF YOU LIKE CLOWNS OR YOU WISH TO SUPPORT CLOWNS OR ARE LOOKING FOR FACTUAL INFORMATION ABOUT PROFESSIONAL CLOWNS IT IS A TOTAL AND COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY And, needless to say, I certainly would NOT buy any other books about clowns or about anything else going by this example written by Helen Champion and published by Particular Books Penguin Random House Books 100% TOTAL AND UTTER GARBAGE.

  2. Seán Cronin Seán Cronin says:

    This is a delightful book It is a fairly small form factor, but you are not left wanting for content It is beautifully produced with delightful high quality photographs and endearing descriptions of the people behind the faces If you re curious at all then I d say go for it

  3. Tin Smith Tin Smith says:

    Beautiful production Interesting biographical details of the clowns by Helen Champion alongside clear photographs For Gifford Circus fans it includes Tweedy.As well as the record of the archive there is a brief but fascinating description of clown styles at the end of the book.

  4. Ellen Evans Ellen Evans says:

    Little freaky but I love it Beautiful paper quality and imagery

  5. miss k a warrior miss k a warrior says:

    Love everything about this book

  6. andy-palmer.co.uk Customer andy-palmer.co.uk Customer says:

    Possibly one of the greatest clown egg books you could ever read A most eggcellent book well worth adding to your collection

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  8. Klara Klara says:

    Ich bin ber einen Artikel auf dieses Buch gesto en, und musste es nat rlich sofort kaufen Das Buch wirkt durch den Einband sehr hochwertig Auch die Fotos sind professionell gemacht und auf gutem Papier gedruckt Leider ist nicht sonderlich viel Text im Buch, aber die Fotos machen das mehr als wett.

  9. Mrs. K. A. Wheatley Mrs. K. A. Wheatley says:

    This arrived yesterday and the entire family has pored over this in fascination I chose it because as a long term fan of Terry Pratchett I was amazed to find that the system of recording clown s faces on eggs, as explained in Men At Arms by Pratchett was actually a real thing This book by Luke Stephenson, explores the egg faces of clowns down the decades and is surreal and brilliant Each double page has text about the clown on one side and a high resolution glossy photo of the clown s egg face on the other The book itself is beautifully bound in soft pink card, embossed with black text and a vivid green cloth spine Production quality is high and this is a wondrous thing to own.

  10. M. Dowden M. Dowden says:

    To be perfectly honest this book is only ever going to be a niche product, and something that the vast majority of people will have no interest in, after all so many people seem to be afraid of them Personally as I grew up I couldn t help but notice certain similarities between Ronald McDonald and my Nan, so I have never had such fears.We are thus presented here with a lovely small hardback book that contains lots of colour photos of the eggs which are nowadays ceramic that a clown s image is painted on, thus in ways not only preserving their appearance but also acting as a way of copyright and helping others not to copy features unintentionally.Along with these photos for some of them we have short potted biographies of the real person behind the greasepaint Obviously some of those mentioned here are famous and their names still live on, whereas others you will never have heard of before Also you have short pieces on the types of different clowns that are traditionally represented.I personally got this as I like to look at the images of clown make up, and this could be a good present for someone who you know is a children s performer, or interested in the entertainment business As such although I have mentioned that this is very much a niche product it does contain a certain history that most people will be unaware of as well as being a handy reference.

  11. My Name Is Prince My Name Is Prince says:

    Particular Books are fantastic at publishing books that are, of course, unique Who else would think to make a book out of the collection of painted eggs that are the effective copyright catalogue of famous clowns through the ages If you have a bookish friend or relative who you struggle to find gifts for, come birthday or Christmas, then this is a perfect book to give them.In order that no two clown s makeup should look the same, Clowns International, the oldest clowning organisation, has been painting the design onto eggs for the last 70 years Traditional blown eggs may have given way to durable ceramic versions now but the principle remains the same This strange and slightly eerie collection of clown faces is a special photographic record of an art form and most pages come with additional information about the person behind the mask making this a fascinating read as well as a beautifully produced book.Were you thinking I wish there was a book somewhere that told the life stories of clown through their make up Of course you weren t But that s what Particular Books do They produce beautiful books that seem bizarre, absurd or wilfully niche and then they end up enriching your life in ways you never dreamt possible Enjoy.

  12. Skypilot Skypilot says:

    I know there was an attempt to turn them into horror figures but this book certainly puts them back in their proper place as figures of fun and slapstick humour.Over 100 clown eggs are portrayed representing the unique make up and identity of each clown taken from the gallery of ceramic eggs in the Clown s Gallery Each one tells the story of someone who wears make up not to hide or disguise but rather to reveal their features and character as straight guy or buffoon, character or tramp A tribute to the many clowns who have dedicated a portion of their life to bringing joy and laughter to others.It s a book to make you laugh and to leave around to cheer others up It s a simple but attractive and well presented book and would make a great quirky gift for anyone young and not so young alike.

  13. L. Hardt L. Hardt says:

    This is a useful little book if you like clowns The book is full of the little eggs that clowns use to register their unique make up they have to send one of these eggs to the titular Clown Egg Register, and once this is done, the make up is copyrighted The make up used to actually be painted on real eggshells, but due to the delicate nature of the material, they are now painted on ceramic eggs.Each glossy page of the book has at least one illustration of a clown egg, and the images are high quality and printed on lovely paper There is also a little bit of information about the clown featured The book is well made with a tasteful cover which has no clowns on it good for if you leave it lying around when a coulrophobic visits and you ve left it lying around on your coffee table

  14. JBV JBV says:

    I have a dislike of clowns Don t hate them, just don t find them funny.On the other hand, I love history, and this covers over 100 years of clowns.The photographs are excellent and have a nice history of the character.If you hate clowns, you should avoid this book If you have any interest in the circus or comedy, this is a nice snapshot of one of the oldest parts of the entertainment industry.

  15. Rubbah Rubbah says:

    I first learnt about the history of clown eggs from a Terrry Pratchett book I think Men At Arms and was delighted to find that this was a real tradition This is a really well put together book with gorgeous pictures but a little text information would have been nice.