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Though this novel about prehistoric tribal people was entertaining light reading, it did not approuch the quality of the classic Clan of the Cave Bear series I was disappointed by its limitations too few characters, all one sided simplistic plot, lacking intrigue repetitive descriptions of the same settings and very sparse themes, lacking human complexity Also seemed the style of a novice writer without much life experience This is not to say the book was not worth reading it just was not for the well read audience of this genre. It helps you understand what a true life struggle to survive must have felt like The characters were very real and believable not super human like some books makes theirs. This story of a tribe going through a drought is very interesting The hunters are sent to find a new home, but the biggest one wants to be chief and go to war and remove them from their hunting grounds One hunter get thru the desert to find a lush land but it is filled with canibals The story was well written and had a lot of twists and turns that I thoroughly enjoyed I very much enjoy this genre and like knowing this is book one of a sequel I recommend this book but warn it could have used some good editing prior to being published Off to the next book Tales Become Legends Legends Become Myth Isolated By A Changing Climate, Hemmed In By Arid Wasteland, A Band Of Prehistoric Humans Faces Extinction There Are Too Many Mouths To Feed The Tribes Have Grown Too Large, They Ve Hunted Too Fiercely And The Animals Are Gone The Waterholes Are Dry, The Rains Don T Come Their World Has Changed, And They Need A Way Out As The Young Men Of The Koriba Go In Search Of A New Home, Temfe, The Chief S Son, Must Learn To Lead His Clansmen Before They Betray Him To Survive In A Harsh World Surrounded By Enemies, He Must Gather New Allies, Discover New Weapons And Learn New Ways Of Seeing The World In The African Rift Valley Years BCE, A Spark Of Consciousness Flares Into Life The Dawn Of Human Culture, The Fire That Will Reshape The World An Epic Prehistoric Adventure In The Tradition Of Jean M Auel, Jack London, William Golding And HG Wells Book One Of The Series A Tribal Song Tales Of The Koriba A Pre Historic Adventure For Adults And Young Adults Alike