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Most lovely retelling of the Adam and Eve story as related by Eve You ll have trouble relating to the serpent in the old way. I use to own this book It got mixed up with donated books last summer, I have been searching for itever since It was just a cheap book I picked up in a bin on sale, I read it It is very unusal, and mostinteresting, I intended to add it to my collection.However this particular copy is written on terrible paper, and the cover, well It just isnt like the one I hadand it cost me than the first If you are interested in reading this and dont care what its written onthen I suggest you go right ahead and buy.. I read this in highschool for my women s literature class and that was 10 years ago and I still think about this book often Wonderfully written and not what you d expect when thinking about Adam and Eve I loved this book It gave a whole new perspective to the world s oldest story The story was very engaging and thought provoking, and the text was so descriptive I was able to picture everything the characters were experiencing quite vividly The most fascinating aspect was my new perception of the serpent This book allows the reader to really accept a new view of a story we have heard for years. In The BeginningThere Was The Serpent, There For Eve S Awakening, And For All The Days Since Teacher, Mentor, Companion, Friend, AndThere Was God The Creator Quick To Anger Dangerous MajesticThere Was Adam As God Said, A Joy To BeholdAnd There Was EveThese Four Hold The Future In Their Hands And Only Eve Or Perhaps The Serpent, Too Wonders What Lies Outside The Garden Of Eden