Download pdf The Kids' Guide to Digital Photography: How to Shoot, Save, Play With & Print Your Digital Photos –

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11 thoughts on “The Kids' Guide to Digital Photography: How to Shoot, Save, Play With & Print Your Digital Photos

  1. Angela R. Angela R. says:

    Great for my daughter who loves photography

  2. ed steel ed steel says:

    first class

  3. D1VER5 D1VER5 says:

    This book was purchased for an 11 year old to go with a new bridge camera birthday present On examining it it was very short on the How to Shoot element which was really what we required Most of it was about manipulating photographs on the computer or using them for projects As a how to take a good photograph it was sadly lacking In our case, a poor buy.

  4. G. Wagstaff G. Wagstaff says:

    While there may not be a perfect guide for digital photography, this one comes as close as I ve ever seen.It covers everything from choosing a camera and how to get the most out of it to editing, printing and even using the web.It even covers areas that many adults seem to have problems with, like the Reality Check regarding built in flash.Focus, composition, exposure and even ISO are all covered Granted, some subjects are just touched on rather than discussed in depth but remember the intended reader In my case, my 12 year old If the kid really wants to learn about any given subject there are countless specialized books to be found.Overall I have to say that I highly recommend this book.I d even go so far to say that I would even buy it for an adult, especially one that might be a bit technophobic.

  5. P. Carter P. Carter says:

    Got as gift for daughter, age 11, and she now shares the knowledge she learns with her baby brother.

  6. talkinturtles talkinturtles says:

    this book covers the basics easily written for a kid to understand my daughter is 11 and that seems about the right level for her i wish it covered setting up a good composition it covers the basics on camera use and scanners and fixing photos after in the computer i wish photo books would stick to teaching how to take good pictures and not so much on fixing them up in the computer afterwards, but every book seems to spend a lot of time on that overall, its the best book i could find for a kid it s written in language that i think they will relate to well.

  7. Sandy :) Sandy :) says:

    The kids in grades 3 5 love using this book as a reference guide for the digital photography club It explains techniques and jargon in easy to understand words and uses excellent pictures to show the concepts

  8. Bruederle Bruederle says:

    Thanks for a great product , never disappointed when we order thru

  9. Lee B. Lee B. says:

    Somewhat dated, but useful information for beginner.

  10. Erica Biglen Erica Biglen says:

    purchased as a gift for someone who was taking a liking to photography at a young age.excellent for young one

  11. jr46b jr46b says:

    I m buying this for a 11 year old that is getting his first digital camera soon This is a good little book for beginning photographer.