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I have read this book 5x now It is well written and is interesting Having said that, I skip the Old Tales The book held my attention from the first page to the last I spent many late nights after my homework was finished to get in some reading time I enjoyed reading the story from the perspective of different memebers of the group The story was not predictible and was intriguing I was left wondering if the people wore clothing, or shoes or slept on furs, so some information was left to the imagination It was a volumous book but a very good read. The Reading Level for this book is listed as Young Adult, but the content, style and level of complexity should not be thought of as aimed at or restricted to teens This is an outstanding and thoroughly engaging book, carefully thought out and written If you have an interest in early man or even if you don t , you will enjoy it I am far from being a teen, but I have re read it several times for pure pleasure. The Kin is a fabulous book for those who wish to better understand prehistory It follows a group of four children who separate from their Kin because food has run out They travel to find others Not only a coming of age narrative, but a great insight on how early people lived The chapters are interspersed with folk stories about the creation of different animals in a storyteller s mode. Offers A Story About How Language And Communication Came Into Being After A Group Of Children Are Driven Away From Their People By Strangers And Are Forced To Start A New Life In Dangerous And Desolate New Surroundings Without Any Real Guidance Simultaneous I really enjoyed this book It was intriguing Lots of action and emotion.