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Reaching back in time and across the world, The Oxford Illustrated History of Theatre, an authoritative and lavishly illustrated new history, celebrates the stage s greatest achievements over , years, from festival performances in ancient Egypt to international, multicultural drama in the late twentieth century, and from Sophocles and Aristophanes to George Gershwin and Harold Pinter Here are the playwrights, plays, actors, directors, producers, songwriters, famous playhouses, dramatic movements, and , accessibly and attractively arranged so that everyone with a passion for the stage can follow the glorious procession of this triumphant art throughout history and across cultures Beginning with the origins of theatre in Greece and Rome and in the early civilizations of Africa and the Americas, The Oxford Illustrated History of the Theatre guides readers through the full spectrum of dramatic representation from medieval mystery cycles and miracle plays to the Renaissance in Italy, Spain, England, and France from Calderon, Shakespeare, and Moliere to Tennessee Williams, Oscar Hammerstein, and Samuel Beckett and from the Golden Age in Spain to the Dadaist movement and avant garde The distinguished contributors highlight what is most vital and defining about the theatre in any given period and uncover the means by which these distinctive achievements were created Throughout, the book illuminates the theatre s changing role within society, the reasons for the popularity or failure of a given production or trend, and the interplay between the theatre and other forms of art and with contemporary thought It also gives due weight to how the scene backstage evolved through the centuries the role of musicians, light, sound, and equipment, and the art of set design and to the crucial role of the audience and critics Finally, there are stimulating essays on the history of Asian theatre and a concluding account of theatre sinceby editor John Russell Brown that highlights the contributions of our best loved contemporary playwrights, directors, and lyricists Spectacular color and black and white illustrations throughout bring the very visual nature of theatre to life, serving as dramatic accompaniment to the text The Oxford Illustrated History of Theatre is an essential source of reference for anyone interested in the stage, from students and teachers to seasoned professionals and starry eyed fans

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    This is useful for a general overview of theatre integrated with the history of political and cultural influences upon it, but it misses some key players for example, Aphra Behn and certain sections feel quite generalised depending on who has written that particular chapter The focus on non English theatre is welcome and useful The illustrations are interesting, but not generally necessary to an understanding of the text There are better histories of the theatre, but this is reasonably inexpensive, so represents good value.

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    As an opera studies student I had an assignment on the influence of earlier genres on 18th century comic opera This book proved invaluable as a source of information It was well laid out and well presented.

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    Deals with the history of the theatre in readable sections.

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