Free pdf The Path to Peace (Alpha World Book 6) (English Edition)Author Daniel Schinhofen –

Life in Alpha World has been a blessing for Alburet,then he had ever thought it could be, and stillthen he thinks he deserves at times With allies and friends all around him, and the love of three beautiful, unique women he knows that this might be the best life has to offerBut all of life has complications and his are many and varied A quest from the Overlord, that requires he level as quickly as he can for the End Game or risk losing all the happiness he has foundWhile that is difficult enoughissues keep showing up The open ended contract by the Assassins Guild on any member of Alpha Company is testing the bonds of those who have joined Add in the background movements of the Noble Houses to that list to make things evenannoying, but that is still not the end of the troubles Not the least issue seems to be, the machinations of the vague old evil that is stirring again, with its own plansWith all these issues starting to bear down on Alburet and Alpha Company, he must fight to accomplish the goals needed to keep his loves, all while dealing with his own mental issuesWelcome back to Alpha World