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Phams colorful illustrations are pleasing as always young readers will especially delight in locating the camouflaged monster in the art With spot on humor for its intended audience, this is sure to please series fans and newcomers alikeBooklist OnlineIts an adorable and humorous installment in the Princess in Black series that shows that not all heroes look the same and many skills are useful and neededDeseret NewsEven young readers who dont like princesses will find much to admire in the Princess in Black While she appears to be the model froufrou princess, Princess Magnolia has a secret life as the superhero Princess in Black, stealthily saving her kingdom from monsters and other villainsThe Washington PostNoseholes and elephants A pet eating monster interrupts a perfect playdate with Princess Sneezewortbut who is that new masked avenger Princess Magnolia and Princess Sneezewort have plansmysterious plans, like a princess playdate They dress up slam They karaoke jam They playhouse romp and snack time stomp But then a shout from outside Princess Sneezewort s castle interrupts their fun Its a monster trying to eat someones kitty This is a job for the Princess in Black Yet when the Princess in Black gets there, she finds only a masked stranger and no monster in sightor is there Action and humor abound in this ode to friendship that proves that when shape shifting monsters intrude on your plans, two heroes are better than one