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Brienna and Cartier endeavor to bring about a smooth transition to their new found queen s reign, but they face the trials for the evil Lannon royal familyand unexpected betrayals Lovely to read about honorable characters who care about others, take responsibility for their people and act honorably No pettiness here And it s a clean read Can t wait to read the next story Ross writes. For Fans Of Red Queen And Grave Mercy Comes The Captivating Sequel To The Renaissance France Inspired Epic Fantasy The Queen S Rising Brienna Is A Mistress Of Knowledge And Is Beginning To Settle Into Her Role As The Daughter Of The Once Disgraced Lord Davin MacQuinn Though She D Just Survived A Revolution That Will Return A Queen To The Throne, She Faces Yet Another Challenge Acceptance By The MacQuinns But As Queen Isolde Kavanagh S Closest Confidant, She Ll Have To Balance Serving Her Father S House As Well As Her Country Then There S Aodhan Morgan, Formerly Known As Cartier Variste, Who Is Adjusting To The Stark Contrast Between His Pre Rebellion Life In Valenia And His Current One As Lord Of A Fallen House As He Attempts To Restore The Morgane Name, He Let His Mind Wander What If He Doesn T Have To Raise His House Alone What If Brienna Could Stand By His Side But Brienna And Cartier Must Put Their Feelings Aside, As There Are Vital Tasks At Hand The Lannons Trial, Forging Alliances, And Ensuring That No One Halts The Queen S Coronation Resistance Is Rumbling Among The Old Regime S Supporters, Who Are Desperate To Find A Weakness In The Rebels Forces And What Makes One Vulnerable Than Love This book is part of The Queen s Rising duology and is best read after The Queen s Rising.Brienna is now a MacQuinn, and after the successful overthrow of the evil Lannons, the MacQuinns, the Morganes, and the Kavanaughs must work together to rebuild the houses and unite them under Isolde Kavanaugh s rule However, there are still loyalists to the Lannons hiding in the shadows who will stop at nothing to take back the throne Brienna and Cartier are in love and want to start a new life together, but their duties to their country must come first With Isolde relying on Brienna s wise counsel and a Lannon rebellion fomenting, Brienna and Cartier will have to risk their lives and their relationship once again as they fight to stop the evil Lannons once and for all.I loved this book so much, maybe even as much as The Queen s Rising The story was refreshing, full of hope in the midst of darkness, and absolutely stunning My love for the characters has grown throughout both books, and some of the loveliest scenes I have ever read in fiction were towards the end of this book Rebecca Ross addressed several difficult subjects in this book, including domestic violence, torture, extreme cruelty, capital punishment, various ethical issues, and loss of family members I thought these subjects were addressed very well and had a satisfying conclusion at the end I teared up than once while reading, but there was also plenty of humor to counteract the heavy subject matter Brienna and Cartier s relationship was sweet and pure, her relationships with her family and friends were realistic and beautiful, and the wisdom of the rulers was just and protective, yet kind when possible I recommend this book with very few reservations there was just violence and difficult subject matter, but no filth, sexual content, or profanity I can t wait to read from this wonderful author I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through Edelweiss I also purchased a copy from A positive review was not required, and all opinions expressed are entirely my own. Extremely well written I love the new characters that have been introduced and of course the development of Brienna and Cartier relationship I enjoyed the first book I was not prepared for this dark and disappointing follow up Torture, mutilation, bondage, rape, and forced prostitution as some of the unpleasant realities the reader must become acquainted with in this damsel in distress over the top tome Little character growth, and the alternating narrator perspective is annoying Sorry I wasted my money, but since I did, thought needed to share an unbiased review. I must be a young at heart 60 yr old because this YA fantasy novel captured my attention from cover to cover The Queen s Resistance captivated me to the extent that even during my work day I would find myself thinking about the characters and plot, eagerly waiting to continue the book I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Queen s Rising, yet this sequel topped it and made a great completion to the series I have a lot of respect for Rebecca Ross s work, and look forward to her next book I m eager to see what the future holds for her.