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It s a mind bending, twisting plot I don t want to give anything away, but most of the way through I was trying to figure out if I was crazy for not being able to clearly see what was going on it s kind of like I, as the reader, had to come out of a mental fog along the way as well Great writing Berlin, 1989 As the wall between East and West falls, Miriam Winter cares for her dying father, Henryk When he cries out for someone named Frieda and Miriam discovers an Auschwitz tattoo hidden under his watch strap Henryks secret history begins to unravel.Searching forclues of her fathers past, Miriam finds an inmate uniform from the Ravensbrck womens camp concealed among her mothers things Within its seams are dozens of letters to Henryk written by Frieda The letters reveal the disturbing truth about the Rabbit Girls, young women experimented on at the camp And amid their tales of sacrifice and endurance, Miriam pieces together a love story that has been hidden away in Henryks heart for almost fifty years.Inspired by these extraordinary women, Miriam strives to break through the walls she has built around herself Because even in the darkest of times, hope can survive.Anna Ellory lives in Bath and has just completed her MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University. I picked this book because I enjoy reading WWII historical fiction, and I love a good mystery Unfortunately it was too dark for me I couldn t get past the implausibility of her father being sick for a few weeks and yet he still has his watch on It wasn t removed at the hospital She had never taken it off while bathing him Why does he even need it on still The several different story lines were confusing, because it s really four different story lines what is happening in the present day, her memories, her father s memories, and the story told through the letters Overall I just couldn t enjoy it. I almost didn t tackle The Rabbit Girls because it is yet another novel about World War II, specifically involving Nazis and concentration camps That makes three novels in three months on the subject in First Reads and, if memory serves, there were also other WWII novels It s exhausting.I wondered why was presenting us with yet another novel in this narrow genre, so I did a bit of research Publishing apparently snapped up the rights to this debut novel by Anna Ellory, a former nurse who recently acquired an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University in England I was intrigued by the fact that she was British when I encountered the word plaster for Band aid , I initially thought perhaps someone had rendered a poor translation of the German word for Band aid, Pflaster.In any case, I have long wondered how chooses its First Reads selections, which are invariably not the finest of offerings That this book is published by an imprint certainly solves part of that puzzle I wonder how many of them are I found the book itself to be very uneven At times, it was difficult to follow exactly what it was the author was trying to say, which should definitely never happen while reading a novel Physical descriptions of actions sometimes came across as disjointed There was a good deal of jumping around chronologically as well Didn t love it Didn t hate it Three stars. This centers around Miriam who is the present day character, so than focusing on the past and Henryk Miriam is not only given chapters than Henryk, but her chapters are also notably longer The dictation of Miriam s chapters typically either focus on her monotonous inquiry into the letters she found that are related to her father Henryk or her personal life and the problems that she has with her abusive husband Henryk s chapter s typically focus on his own marital problems rather than the historical context that he experienced.This being said, only about 15% of the story was of historical relevance There was nothing historically integrated that was new information The rabbit girls , or the guinea pigs who were experimented on, have been given voices through other novels The details about them were not elaborate either.The beginning was very slow to start The story only starts to pick up around 40% of the book, but still Miriam s chapters continued to hold back the story.The story starts out with Miriam s father, Henryk, calling out an unknown name Frieda on his deathbed So, Miriam makes it her goal to find this person before her father dies An overdone opening scene in my opinion Nevertheless, I only kept reading to see the mystery unfold about Frieda, which is why I gave it 2.5 stars instead of 2 stars Unfortunately, Frieda s story was overshadowed by Miriam s narratives.