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The fourth book in Cynthia Voigt s acclaimed Tillerman Series, where s Vietnam beckons Bullet Tillerman Bullet Tillerman is a loner, with little interest in anyone or anything except running But this is the s, and with racial war at home and the Vietman War abroad, Bullet s beliefs have to change A sad, beautiful story about war, racism and tragedy, building on characters already loved and admired from the first book in the Tillerman series, Homecoming

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  1. Robert James Robert James says:

    Cynthia Voigt is one of the best writers we have today the only reason she hasn t won Pulitzers and National Book Awards is that she writes for young adults, and most critics can t imagine any writer for that audience producing anything of literary merit The Runner is the book I d show anybody who ever put down young adult novels By Cynthia Voigt s own estimation, The Runner is her best novel She s right I first read the novel five years ago since then, I ve taught it almost thirty times in that period of time, and it just keeps getting better Every semester, some student points out some corner of the novel I d missed The Runner tackles serious subjects in a serious way racism, war, growing up, friendship, principles, parental conflicts Each and every one of these issues is dealt with thoroughly and seamlessly in the life of Bullet Tillerman, Dicey s uncle My students love the rebellious Bullet they are aghast when they realize he s a racist They read with absolute fascination to find out what happens next The novel s cast of characters are unique and original Bullet s father and mother, his best friend Patrice, and his teammate Tamer are unforgettable This is a novel that I think will come to be remembered as the best novel ever written for young adults, but even , one of the finest novels of the last 50 years.

  2. A.J. Chodan A.J. Chodan says:

    I first read The Runner when I was twelve I ve re read the book once or twice a year ever since, and it gets better with each reading.Voigt does nothing to soften the harsh facts of 1960s society, and some facets might seem shocking especially to a younger reader However, watching Bullet confront his own racial prejudice and slowly realize how little sense it makes he later concludes You are what you are, and that s what counts made me think of the smaller and subtle ways in which prejudice might affect my own thoughts, even without my realizing it.My mother read this book along with me, and I think it s a very good book for parents and older children to read and discuss together.

  3. z55z.co Customer z55z.co Customer says:

    In another part of her famous Tillerman saga, Cynthia Voigt introduces Samuel Tillerman to us A young and strong guy, fighting against his schoolmates and teachers, fighting against his family, fighting against his past, his own little world and, most important, against himself.Breaking rules is usual for Bullet , he creates his own ones instead and won t ever have someone telling him what to do.Nothing s important except himself.This novel is one of the best ones I ve ever read The atmosphere s extraordinary, you can t put it down once you ve started reading.Samuel Tillerman definately is the most interesting, hooking and weirdest character ever created by an US youth author.The journey through his life and his deep mind will make it impossible for you to cut lose from this.An unforgettable experience

  4. Andrew O'Connor Andrew O'Connor says:

    All of the Tillerman Books are amazing, and this takes an introspective look into Dicey s uncle, father, running, blacks and the Vietnamese war All of these plot lines make a unique blend and enjoyable book.

  5. Nighthawk Nighthawk says:

    This is the story of a young man growing up with a difficult family He is unique in that he has no prejudice views and just wishes to be left alone, but the circumstances of 1960 s americian schools force him to re evaluate his life An excellent book.

  6. B. Wood B. Wood says:

    Wow, what an awesome book I read this with my 14 year old son for his school summer reading requirements It carried us thru a roller coaster of emotions An unexpected event left us speechless, angry and sad for the main character It does everything a good book should We both liked it alot