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The Sheep Queen is a Western epic in miniature, the story of Emma Russell Sweringen, known as the Sheep Queen of Idaho surely one of the most fascinating characters in current fiction Publishers Weekly the daughter who disappointed her the grandson who adored her and the granddaughter, who was given up for adoption, who spent nearly half her life finding her way back to her family

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  1. Alexander Bryce Alexander Bryce says:

    Thomas Savage is up there with Cormac Macarthy, Larry McMurtry, Thomas Berger and the other great writers on life in the American West I have only just discovered him which as an avid reader of this genre surprises me and illustraights how little is know of this writer in the UK.The Sheep Queen is a dramatised biography of the author s family over 4 generations.The author out of the blue receives a lawyer s letter representing a woman called Amy McKinney who claimed to be his sister For his mother to have had and then abandoned a secret child is preposterous Her investigations and the authors knowledge of his family s history form the basis of this epic from his gold prospecting great grandfather s strike which finances the establishment of a sheep ranch to the present day.This ranch is one of the most successful in The West and grandmother Emma Sweringen raises her family there and with skill, brains and determination becomes a woman of power and influence.As time goes by our author suspects that there may be truth in Amy s claim and if so how tragic that she missed the joy and support of his large loving family.The final paragraph brought a tear to this crusty old guy s eyes.Previously published under the , in my opinion, better title of I Heard My Sister Speak My Name this is a fascinating, beautifully written piece of modern history.

  2. lolabubble lolabubble says:

    This is a brilliant read, along with Power of the Dog it spoiled me reading anything else for days So good What a writer.

  3. EwanP EwanP says:

    Superb Savage was a new author to me and this novel made an instant fan of me Highly recommended.

  4. Cliente Cliente says:

    es una historia muy humana y muy bien escrita es un libro que no se puede dejar la informaci n sobre la vida en el Oeste del pays es excelente

  5. Greytop Greytop says:

    Not a scratch on The Power of the Dog.

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  7. Wyoming Bas Bleu Wyoming Bas Bleu says:

    This book was recently mentioned as best Idaho State book and it lives up to its reputation It shares a period in history that makes the story meaningful and memorable The family dynamics on a sheep and cattle ranch and its history heading into the depression is pertinent It also covers private adoption in that time period This author writes well and I highly recommend it.

  8. BarbaraBee BarbaraBee says:

    Having read Savage s Power of the Dog, which was one of the most brilliant books of all time, I couldn t wait to get my hands on The Sheep Queen Oh it started off all right I suppose Probably because I was still riding the wave of momentum from Power of the Dog But towards the middle of the book, the wave had crashed and the sea went flat I started to skip pages The story wasn t all that interesting to me I didn t really know who the Sheep Queen was and the story never developed her on a personal level One page she s a young and naive girl then the next chapter she s a powerful woman owning over 1000 head of sheep Huh The writing is so so But this book was indeed a disappointment after Power of the Dog, where both the story flowed, the characters were interesting and the writing captivating I did like the title, however.

  9. wrangler wrangler says:

    The Sheep Queen formerly titled I heard My Sister Call My Name is a beautiful story of a western family Idaho and Utah by a writer who grew in the West and later moved to the East Coast, where he wrote a number of popular novels now mostly out of print Savage s Power of the Dog is another powerful novel has nothing to do with dogs which sends readers scrambling to rare book dealers for his other works The two books are related in many ways Read Power of the Dog first.These are not cowboy stories.Both Power of the Dog and The Sheep Queen are popular book club titles in our part of Texas Savage s attention to detail and mood, make him one of my favorite writers If I could give these books six stars, I would.Thomas Savage is a discovery you ll savor and share.

  10. Gary B. Jones Gary B. Jones says:

    Wallace Stegner, Kent Haruf, Ivan Doig, have all done stories of a sheep queen type matriarch Each has its special characters, events, roll of life Personally, I think Savage s rendition is mechanical, structurally scattered, of an effort to get through It was interesting, I m glad I read it, but it lacks the level of artistic writing of the others It just didn t roll off my mental tongue as the other did I live in Montana so maybe the Butte stories have become too much larger than life.

  11. Karen Brow Karen Brow says:

    The weaving and unraveling of family bonds over generations reveals a fascinating and unpredictable history of those known and those thought to have been known Rich and admirable characters whose strengths and weaknesses leave us fulfilled for having met them Lovely.

  12. Marmaduke Marmaduke says:

    I bought this book because the author is amazing The book has many twists and turns and I did not suspect the connection until the last few chapters A wonderful tale of a strong woman and what that strength cost her and her family.

  13. Sallie W. Blackwell Sallie W. Blackwell says:

    Thomas Savage is now one of my favorite authors I want to read everything he has written.

  14. Sandy Sandy says:

    Good read

  15. Jolene C. Wallace Jolene C. Wallace says:

    A little hard to follow at times.