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Originally part of the Dr Seuss Miniature Library, this mini hardback is now available on its own The Star Bellied Sneetches think they re much better than the Plain Bellied Sneetches But they re about to discover that it s what s inside that really matters With his unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures and riotous rhymes, Dr Seuss has been delighting young children and helping them learn to read for over fifty years Creator of the wonderfully anarchic Cat in the Hat, and ranking among the UK s top ten favourite children s authors, Seuss is firmly established as a global best seller, with nearly half a billion books sold worldwide.

6 thoughts on “The Sneetches and Other Stories (Dr Seuss Mini Edition)

  1. John Doe John Doe says:

    Mein Sohn ist 3 Und das ist das Buch aus welchem ich ihm zur Zeit am liebsten vorlese.Das Buch besteht aus mehreren Geschichten Die erste ist Sneetches Da geht es um Ausgrenzung, Arroganz und Neid und wie andere davon profitieren Dann gibt es noch 3 nette Geschichten eine zum Thema Angst, eine zum Thema Sturrheit, und eine zum Thema Diversit t bzw warum es Sinn machen k nnte, dass nicht alle den gleichen Namen haben.Sneetches ist besonders toll Da steckt soviel drinnen, die werden wir in ein paar Jahren bestimmt auch noch lesen.

  2. james dougherty james dougherty says:

    Great book Read it as a kid Nice to see new stories added.

  3. Katrin Wohlgemuth Katrin Wohlgemuth says:

    Was ich an diesen Geschichten mag, ist, dass die meisten ein klein wenig Moral enthalten und nicht einfach aus f r Kinder zwar sehr am santen, aber doch recht sinnlos gereimten Kauderwelsch wie zB Fox in the Socks oder Green Eggs and Ham Die Kurzgeschichten in diesem Buch, ganz besonders die Sneetches und The pale green pants haben die lehrreiche Aussage f r Kinder, dass man eben nicht nach u erlichkeiten richten sollte Aus diesem Buch hab ich immer am liebsten vorgelesen.

  4. Michelle K. Westenbroek Michelle K. Westenbroek says:

    What was I scared of , the last story in this book, has long been my favorite Dr Seuss story I read it aloud as a child Now it is one of my son s favorites Dr Seuss explores scary things like the dark, people or things that aren t familiar, and the idea that it doesn t work to try and run or hide, all within a silly story of green pants with nobody inside them The sneetches and their struggle to be elite makes any number of statements about our society in a way that is simple for young minds to understand And the stories about the stubborn Zax and the mother who named all her sons Dave turn words into an amusement park Definitely one of Dr Seuss best.

  5. S. Saunders S. Saunders says:

    I m 25 years old, and I can still recite almost all of the text in this book from memory of my own childhood The Sneetches, the Zax, Mrs McCave who had twenty three sons and named them all Dave , and of course the pale green pants with nobody inside them, taught me about the problems of snobbishness, stubbornness, fear without me ever noticing or minding.

  6. Michele Michele says:

    Ronald remember, when you are out walking, you walk past a sneetch of that sort without talking Keep your snoot in the air and remember to snort We have no touch whatever with the PLAIN bellied sort To have a star on your belly once made you the BETTER sneetch Then an inventor comes to town who could put stars on the PLAIN bellied sneetchesfor the right price Now, to seperate them once again, the star bellies paid a great price to have their stars removeduntil one day they realized that it was just plain silly to go on this way Star or No star had no true basis in defining who you are Fantastic lesson in tolerance of diversity