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The Tale of Peter Rabbit is the first in a series of delightful children s books by Beatrix Potter There are twenty three of these little Tales about woodland animals who are, of course, little people in disguise, as they wear clothes and behave exactly as their human counterparts would This first tale about a mischievous little rabbit called Peter, is perhaps the most famous of all Unlike some of the others, it does not seem to have dated much at all Most children today will recognise all the little animals, and the vegetable garden setting is timeless Peter lives with his mother and three other siblings, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton tail Their home is under the roots of a tree, but they are allowed to play anywhere except Mr McGregor s garden, Your father had an accident there he was put into a pie by Mrs McGregor, warns Peter s mother.Of course Peter knows better The prospect of a ready made larder of fresh vegetables is far too tempting for such a naughty little rabbit to heed any silly warnings As soon as he can he scoots off to do exactly the opposite of what he has been told I won t reveal his adventures, for fear of spoilers, but it is an exciting tale, with a very real threat to our hero at its core And it does all end happily, with a valuable lesson being learnt by Peter We even pick up some interesting traditional herbal remedies along the way, such as parsley being good for nausea, and camomile tea for stomach upsets It is a charming story, introducing not only Peter Rabbit, but also his siblings, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail There s even a mention in this first book of Peter s cousin, Benjamin Bunny It also has a moral aspect, as of course Peter wouldn t have been so much at risk or so frightened if he had done what he was told to do in the first place Plus he might have enjoyed his supper a bit The character of Peter Rabbit was inspired by a pet rabbit the author had had as a child, whom she had named Peter Piper In 1893, Beatrix Potter had sent an illustrated letter to five year old Noel Moore, the son of her former governess Annie Carter Moore It featured Peter Rabbit Annie Moore recognised the potential in this and other story letters her former pupil had sent, and suggested that Beatrix tried to get them published However, it did not prove to be so easy She sent the manuscript to six publishers, all of whom rejected it Eventually Beatrix Potter published the book privately in 1901 The Tale of Peter Rabbit was eventually accepted for commercial publication by the London firm of Frederick Warne Co in 1902 It was an instant success and multiple reprints were issued in the years immediately following To date it has been translated into 36 languages, has sold 45 million copies and is one of the best selling children s stories of all time Frederick Warne Co went on to publish all twenty three stories They have never lost their popularity Today than two million Beatrix Potter books are sold every year worldwide incredibly, this is four books every minute Unfortunately for Beatrix Potter the copyright of The Tale of Peter Rabbit was never registered in the United States Unlicensed copies of The Tale of Peter Rabbit soon began to appear, and there was no way to stop them Beatrix Potter of course received no royalties from any of these She only began to realise how enormous the financial loss might be after the publication of her second book, The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin when her father brought home a toy squirrel labelled Nutkin in the Christmas of 1903 It proved to be a wake up call.From that point Beatrix Potter decided to be responsible for the production of merchandise relating to her books She patented a Peter Rabbit doll in 1903 and followed it almost immediately with a Peter Rabbit board game Since then products have been developed for both children and adults Now we see the Peter Rabbit brand on toys, dishes, foods, clothing and recordings as well as books of various types.Before these whimsical stories ever came to light, Beatrix Potter had been a respected watercolourist, illustrating plant life, insects, fossils and various archaeological artefacts, as well as the pets and small animals she had always painted, even as a child She came from a wealthy family and had been privately educated at home, so had perhaps been given time to pursue her unique interests and talents than many of her peers She was almost thirty when The Tale of Peter Rabbit was first published commercially She had become engaged to her editor, Norman Warne, but tragically he died a month later and she was not to actually marry until many years later, when she married a solicitor at the age of 47.The books are designed to appeal to young children Their format goes against the stereotype they are miniatures rather than huge picture books But little children love little things, which seem to be scaled down just for them They will love to hold these and pretend to read, although they will need help with the story.When Beatrix Potter died in 1943, she left nearly all her considerable property to the National Trust Coming from a family with money, and achieving such fame and recognition herself, with her popular books, plus the associated merchandise, she was able to become a land owner She spent her entire adult life buying up bits of the Lake District area now Cumbria which she so loved It was the largest gift to the National Trust which had ever been made It included her 17th Century farmhouse Hill Top Farm , which many enthusiastic readers now visit today It also took in over 4,000 acres of land, sixteen farms, cottages and herds of cattle and Herdwick sheep She was a keen sheep farmer herself So we have a dual legacy Yes, we have her wonderfully whimsical books But perhaps not many people realise, as they climb the beautiful fells hills of the Lake Dictrict, that the freedom to do this is almost entirely because of Beatrix Potter s love of the natural world, her ecological views, foresight and generosity.We used to visit the Lake District every year, to try some of the gentle climbs up the fells We stayed in a guest house in Near Sawrey Just along the road is another little village called Far Sawrey, where we sometimes visited Beatrix Potter s house Hill Top Her furnishings are still there and much of her memorabilia As I wandered around the gardens once, I noticed a vegetable patch I saw carrots, lettuces and radishes, all growing in neat rows exactly as if Mr McGregor had just popped inside for a moment And out of the corner of my eye, did I spy a glimpse of two bright little eyes in a furry face peeping at me from under a cabbage leaf Or was it perhaps just my imagination All of the Beatrix Potter stories are wonderful but this little one of this mischievous little rabbit who is naughty So cute, and a great introduction to the beautiful world that Potter created I think that this may be my favourite one actually And naturally, my kids LOVED it when they were younger. The tale of Peter Rabbit, is the first book in this beloved series, written by Beatrix Potter This children s series will never get old with me I remember my parents reading them to me as a child, and I loved looking at the delightful illustrations as they read them to me This particular book, is probably the most famous of all, as we all know about and love that mischievous little rabbit I also appreciate that there is an important moral to be learned, too I think the attention to detail in the illustrations contained in Potter s books, are incredible They capture the story accordingly, and they are actually just kind of soothing to look at When Beatrix Potter passed away, she left most of her property in the Lake District to The national trust, and if you visit there at any point, it will be clear where the inspiration came from for her books. This story reminds me my childhood I still remember I used to do things from which my mama forbades me Just like Peter rabbit Her mother tells him not to go to Mr McGregor s farm But as he is a naughty rabbit, He still goes and faces troubles I liked the names of four rabbits Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton tail, and Peter Aren t they cute Especially first two March 3, 2017 Inspired by Ramblefoot , a gritty, naturalistic, no holds barred depiction of the lives of wolves, I couldn t help wondering if similar treatments weren t possible for other classics Here s an extract from my draft rabbit novel, provisionally entitled Nojacket Peter finished his breakfast, but the insipid, cloying taste of the dead dandelion leaves left him unsatisfied The craving was starting to build up in him again He needed to veg out Suddenly, he started as a voice came from right behind him We re looking for blackberries You want to come, Peter It was his half sister Flopsy, a precociously formed doe She was not yet one summer old, yet already her haunches had the rounded look of a mature female She exuded an enticing, musky odor As if by chance, she turned her head so that their whiskers brushed, and seductively twitched her nose For a moment, Peter was tempted, but the other urge was too strong Sorry, Flopsy I ve got stuff to do With one bound, he had scooped up his blue jacket, the mark of the civilized young rabbit, and was out of the burrow before he could change his mind He lolloped down the path as he had done many times before, then, looking both ways, he eased his trembling body under the hard wood of the gate He was on McGregor territory He straightened up, all his senses maximally alert, but there were no warning signals yet With the practiced ease of the professional thief, he took the short cut through the gooseberry bushes and emerged directly in the vegetable garden His eyes glistened with desire as he saw the huge, plump lettuces No longer caring about safety, he immediately attacked the nearest one, slicing into it with his razor sharp front teeth Green juices ran down his chin as he gorged himself on the unresisting leaves His eyes half closed, he chewed, swallowed, bit again, forcing the food down his throat as fast as he could eat until he reached the tender heart In less time than one could believe possible, the lettuce was no than an eviscerated husk Peter contemptuously tossed away the bitter stem and then started on the radishes Their tart, peppery red flesh contrasted delightfully with the sweet lettuce, and he frenziedly ate one after another His swollen stomach hurt, but the pleasure was still stronger. Peter Rabbit almost finds himself in a Mrs McGregor s pie, just like his father. In this original edition, Peter and his sisters are told to go gather blackberries and not to go into MacGregor s garden because Peter s father was made into a pie by MacGregor after being found in the garden Peter, who is wearing a new coat, promptly disobeys his mother, stuffs himself with vegetables, gets spotted by MacGregor, loses his coat and barely makes it out of the garden alive When Peter gets home, he is given chamomile tea for dinner Peter s sisters, who listened to their mother and stayed out of the forbidden garden have a regular dinner. Now my dears, said old Mrs Rabbit one morning, you may go into the fields or down the lane, but don t go into Mr McGregor s garden your Father had an accident there he was put in a pie by Mrs McGregor 8 10 Legendary names Flopsy aka good kid Mopsy aka good kid Cotton tail aka good kid Peter Peter the Urchin aka Hot headed Kid aka SOS sending, always in a pickle kid. Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter Rabbit are allowed to explore but are warned by their mother that they are not to go into Mr McGregor s garden All but Peter Rabbit heed her advice for that is the first place he chooses to explore Once Mr McGregor spots Peter, a chase ensues Oh, what a naughty rabbit This is the first time I have read a Beatrix Potter book What a cute and adorable gem this is The illustrations compliment the print beautifully Given that I read quite a bit of historical fiction, this is a nice break for me In addition to teaching a valuable lesson, this book is also amusing Its difficult not to smile while reading the names Flopsy and Mopsy Its no wonder that Potter is among the best authors of chidren s books This woman has quite an impressive resume Aside from author, she was a mycologist, an illustrator and a conservationist A really lovely book overall.