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Grade The third in the Song of the Lioness series finds the title heroine, Alanna her psychic cat, Faithful and the older man at arms, Coram, among the desert tribes of the Bazhir Here Alanna breaks with tradition by training three gifted youthstwo of them girlsas shamans She also sets out to tame the evil in a substitute crystal sword that she suspects belonged to her enemy, Roger, whom she killed in Book Two Her ambitious brother, sorcerer Thom, is experimenting with raising the deadand new trouble brews Meanwhile, she has a misunderstanding with Prince Jonathan, her lover who has assumed their betrothal and a romantic reunion with George, King of Thieves A coming of age fantasy adventure that can be read by itself, thanks to smooth backgrounding, and one that leaves readers wanting to read further in either direction Ruth M McConnell, San Antonio Public LibCopyrightReed Business Information, IncLively and enjoyable, with a strong, vigorous heroine The Horn BookAlanna s world is a harsh one, but believable This fantasy provides food for introspection as well as flights of imagination in a magical kingdom Kirkus

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