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I first read They Have Their Exits in the late s when I was aboutIt was an old yellowing, fragile s paperback copy bought cheaply from the church jumble sale The man himself was still alive then, although as a young boy I didn t really know who he was It was a shock a few months later to hear on the TV news about his murder in a car bomb attack In recent years I kept meaning to re read the book which surely has to be one of the most famous of all WW escape stories The latest paperback edition arrived and am happy to say it up to the usual high production standards of Pen Sword All in all an excellent read of one of the classic stories to come from WW According to the back cover all the royalties from this edition are being donated to The Airey Neave Trust so that s an even better reason to buy a copy wwtalk and Heritage GroupThe author, who as a senior member of Mrs Thatcher s Government was tragically assassinated by the IRA, had the most distinguished of war records Wounded and taken prisoner in the desperate fighting at Calais in , he became a compulsive escaper and the first one of the very few to make a home run from Colditz Castle Thereafter he rejoined the fighting, serving in France and Holland before becoming a member of the International Military Tribunal at the Nuremburg War Crimes trials There he was to meet the most notorious members of the Nazi hierarchy as they faced justice and, in many cases, death For the quality of its writing and the breadth of its author s experiences, They Have Their Exits is arguably the finest memoir to emerge from the Second World War, and one for which the sobriquet classic seems wholly inadequate