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Reading this book was like walking down a dark alley next to your house at night Though everything is like it always has been, you can stop feeling the constant need to look behind your shoulder Dave McKean s art gives the story an eerie touch of wistful fantasy, and the story leaves you with a chill down your spine. Lovely book, gorgeous, unusual and sometimes sinister at work Great pairing of writer and artist I am amazed that I ve never seen this appear in any top 20 graphic novel listings The story and the art here totally blew me away.Dave McKean has than earned his reputation on this book alone The photo art of the puppets is amazing, and at times nearly moved me to tears as the story is laid before you in it s darkest interpretation The day Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean met should go down in history as one of graphic literatures finest moments. Great book and a coffee table piece to impress visitors Was a birthday present for just after Christmas, and arrived in good time. The book arrived in good time and was as described SUPERB YOU BETCHA THIS BOOK WAS ABSOLUTELY,UTTERLY,TOTALLY,UNARGUABLY,COMPLETELY SUPERB IN FACT IT WAS SO SUPERB IT WAS BEYOND SUPERB SUPERBLY SUPER SUPER SUPERB This dark graphic novel captures perfectly the disquiet that surrounds Punch Half remembered family secrets seen through the eyes of a childa tour de force complemented by extraordinary illustrations. The analogy to parents relationships and the dire events that could occur via the medium of Punch Judy was a strong ask I wondered if the mythology and underlying story that was trying to be put across would have been brought through better I will need to give it a couple of re reads to get through the depths of it.Graphics were tremendous, it would be great to see these in a larger format. A young boy stumbles across a Punch and Judy show at the pier and enters a world of extraordinary magic With disturbing mysteries and half truths uncontrollably unravelling, this boy is forced to deal with his family s secrets of violence, betrayal and guilt in this dark fable of childhood and growing upBy the bestselling author and illustrator pairing behind the Sandman series and children s classics, The Graveyard Book and Coraline, The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr Punch is woven together with Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean s trademark eerie elegance and supernatural thrills In addition to its new cover, each page of this unmissable th anniversary edition has been remastered and a gallery of uncanny, sensational original artwork by Dave McKean has been included for the first time