download Textbooks Trapped at Pearl Harbor: Escape from the Battleship Oklahoma (Audio Download): Stephen Bower Young, Tim Murphy, Naval Institute Press: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Stephen Bower Young –

I knew the author personally an excellent factual account by a survivor and writer. Great to read about first hand accounts of some of the lives saved at Pearl Harbor. Author Stephen Young was a seaman first class assigned to gunnery duty in turret noon the battleship Oklahoma when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December ,The battleship was struck by several torpedoes and began to sink, trapping Young and others when it overturned With incredible realism, Young recounts this terrifying experience, recalling the frantic search for an escape route, the horror of finding the exit blocked, and such unforgettable detail as the water s inexorable rise, the sickening taste of fuel oil, the foul smell of the air, the nervous wisecracks, and finally the silence as the possibility of rescue became ever remote Great personal account you feel as if you are trapped in the ship with the author. Excellent product seller I had a great Uncle G.E Russell listed as C.E Russell in the book that was trapped for 36 hours and D Russell my Uncle that was able to get off the ship early on Growing up I remember hearing about Pearl Harbor and my Uncle s, but they didn t talk about it much It s just been in the last 15 years that has been said I understand so much about their thought process and what they actually went through It s a great book that was hard to put down. The general history of the destruction of Pearl Harbor is well known but this book brings it down to a personal level Well written Hard to put it down once you begin reading it. I found this book very interesting as I had an uncle who was killed on the Oklahoma during the attack. I was captivated by the realness in the writing, felt like I was there Of course my interest was intensified because one of the characters in the book is my uncle, John Gercevic The writer captured the terrible events of this day and brings you into the book Highly recommend. Good book Very opinionated but a very informative read into the depths of a horrendous experience Very glad the author shared this with us.