{kindle} Troublemaker for Justice: The Story of Bayard Rustin, the Man Behind the March on WashingtonAuthor Jacqueline Houtman – Stg2bio.co

Voted a Best Book ofby School Library Journal and Kirkus Reviews A biography for younger readers about one of the most influential activists of our time, who was an early advocate for African Americans and for gay rights Bayard had an unshakable optimism, nerves of steel, and, most importantly, a faith that if the cause is just and people are organized, nothing can stand in our way President Barack Obama Bayard Rustin was one of the great organizers and activists of the Civil Rights Movement Without his skill and vision, the historic impact of the March on Washington might not have been possible I am glad this biography will make young people aware of his life and his incredible contribution to American historyCongressman John Lewis We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers, declared Bayard Rustin in the late s A proponent of nonviolent resistance and a stalwart figure in the civil rights movement, Rustin organized a profound and peaceful milestone in American historytheMarch on Washington Troublemaker for Justice describes not only how Rustin orchestrated the March on Washington in two months but also how he stood up for his Quaker principles throughout his life The three authors, Jacqueline Houtman, Walter Naegle and Michael G Long, show the difficulties Rustin faced as a gay black man in th century America, and that he shouldered them with strength, intelligence, and a quest for peace and justice Abby Nolan, The Washington Post An excellent biography that belongs in every young adult library Readers will find Rustins story captivating his story could encourage young people to fight for change Michelle Kornberger, Library Journal, Starred Review In today s political landscape, this volume is a lesson in the courage to live according to one s truth and the dedication it takes to create a better world Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review A long overdue introduction to a fascinating, influential change maker Publishers Weekly, Starred Review This biography is an indispensable addition to the literature of both civil and gay rights Michael Cart, Booklist, Starred reviewBayard Rustin was a major figure in the Civil Rights movement He was arrested on a busyears before Rosa Parks and he participated in integrated bus rides throughout the Southyears before the Freedom Riders He was a mentor to Dr Martin Luther King, Jr teaching him the techniques and philosophy of Gandhian nonviolent direct action He organized the March on Washington in , one of the most impactful mobilizations in American historyDespite these contributions, few Americans recognize his name, and he is absent from most history books, in large part because he was gay This biography traces Rustins life, from his childhood and his first arrest in high school for sitting in the whites only section of a theater, through a lifetime of nonviolent activismPraise for Troublemaker for JusticeIn Troublemaker for Justice children and teens can finally discover the story of the man who possibly was the most influential person in the struggle for Civil RightsBayard Rustin Rob Sanders, author of Pride The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow FlagTeachers Discussion Guide Available Explanation of Common Core Instructional Standards Available Reach out to the publisher at Stacey citylights