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Anyone who is interested in plays on timeless philosophical issues knows or should know Twelve Angry Men It has been performed and will continue to be performed numerous times and there are at least three full feature film adaptations I know of.I was after the original first version of it and this is it.This small paperback may well lead to a life changing script for many and you will be glad that you can purchase such an exquisite fragment of theatre history for such a low price.I highly recommend this fine moment in theatre writing Also I would like to include a note about the excellent.com service.I purchased this book and it never arrived.I contacted via it s live chat support and an extremely polite woman named Christine replaced my order within minutes at no extra charge.The book arrived after just a couple of days since it was re ordered.Hat tip to s exemplary professional customer support and to dear Christine. Thank you A Classic Used for junior cycle english Extensive highlighter application. Bought this edition because I m performing scenes from it for my method acting class standby method acting studio, Sheffield, UK it s a brilliant play and I received it on time, in new condition, packaging in excellent condition. I ve seen the movie, and the London theatre production and now read the book which is written as a script.It meant that I could compare the other two mediums and I was pleased to learn that both were true to the book. New York, summerCriminal Courts Building A man is dead The life of another is at stake A guilty verdict seems a foregone conclusion But one member of the jury has the will to probe deeply into the evidence and the courage to confront the ignorance and the prejudice of some of his fellow jurors The conflict which follows is fierce and passionate, cutting straight to the heart of the issues of civil liberties and social justice This edition was published to coincide with the new production directed by Harold Pinter which opened in the West End in great book Quite unique