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Set in the southwestern United States in 900 A.D., UNDER A STAND STILL MOON tells the story of Echo, a little girl born into the Waterfall Clan Echo is considered special because she was brought into this world under a Stand Still Moon, a very rare season in which the moon halts its course in the sky and raises nightly between the two war gods Echo s greatest wish is to have unlimited freedom to explore her world However, her mother and grandmother want her to learn the ways of a woman and a working wife So she is forced to stay at home, helping her family with chores and tending to her younger sister with not much time for exploring her world.While hard at work, she develops a crush on her childhood friend Falcon Her love for him grows so deeply that she wishes to marry him However, after she saves a baby from falling off a cliff, Sun Watcher, a High Priest whose incredible power scares everyone in the village, asks her family for her hand in marriage Her family agrees, and so Echo must leave her dreams and family behind to marry and move in with Sun Watcher.While living with her husband, Echo discovers that he is very ill She promises to take care of him if he promises to give her his power He agrees, and starts teaching her the lessons of the sky Meanwhile, tragedies begin to occur in her village, and Sun Watcher becomes sicker than ever Will Echo be able to stay strong for everyone in the village and survive on her own, or will her world become a different place UNDER A STAND STILL MOON comes to life as author Ann Howard Creel creates vivid images of the Anasazi civilization and the ancient people who represent natural Earth elements This is an incredible journey that is not to be missed Reviewed by Ashley Hartlaub When I was younger I read ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS, and it became my favorite book of all time to this day Never before have I found a novel to compare to that one, until now Creel s powerful voice and storytelling make UNDER A STAND STILL MOON able to stand on the same shelf as that other classic Don t miss it for yourself or your children. Rebeccasreads highly recommends UNDER A STAND STILL MOON as a vivid, lyrical recreation of one girl s coming of age during terrifying times when her people, the mysterious vanished Anasazi, who have lived on the mesas plains of America s Southwest for generations, are threatened by their gods the weather they control.A great read for lovers of pre history how daily lives once were lived. Under A Stand Still Moon is one of the very best young adult, historical fiction books that I have read in a long time The attention to detail and historical accuracy woven into a can t put down story line is exceptional Creel deftly captures the lives of the Anasazi civilization during its final days The reader is at once swept back in time and learns about an America that existed well before 1492 I am sure that this book will find itself in the hands of many middle school students and teachers who want to learn about this period of history and read a book that is of the same quality as Scott O Dell s great novel Island of the Blue Dolphins. After Being Forced To Leave Her Village And Forget Her True Love, Echo Is Given As A Bride To One Of The High Priests In Her Community, But When The Crops Begin To Fail, She Finds Herself Becoming A Leader Of Her People