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Easy to read Elena is mind blowing as she s coming up with and ingenious compositions in her spell works just one thing though end binding It s true that every practitioner has to do that in theory however in practice it s almost always a common and very quick hand gesture or just a snap and ofc the epic love story of star crossed lovers between Elena and Lucas is a lovely angle.Nonetheless it s all very creatively thought out and through simply can t get enough magic to absorb via osmosis as I m reading this book in a imaginary world full with magical beings not alike anything in ours Love it that it s taking me completely away from reality Thank you dear author for this amazing Farscape Ofc getting the next installment right now, couldn t put it down for a minute Ta ta wundervolles Buch First, generally speaking this book is good Not perfect, not irresistible, but good For me, a three star rating is not bad, but means that while I will finish the series, I will not reread this particular book, unless I am very bored.We follow Elena through another year at the Academy and watch her discover her strength while Lucas is there to support her and give her expensive gifts.There is a good deal of action and plot development, so it isn t boring.But Just as in the first book, Elena is a spoiled brat She is still thinking only of the common folk and seems not to understand that people have a stronger allegiance to their own class JUST AS SHE DOES Generally, she fails to see the bigger picture and is getting bratty over some minor word choices.I am not saying she is wrong social justice and equality are not really that great in her world, but she never takes the time to see things from another perspective Her argument is always You are privileged, arrogant mages that is true, but will not win any debate And Lucas is a saint with endless patience who never stands up for himself It s like America in Selection please be persuasive and educate yourself, instead of going around insulting people it would serve you better.You can understand where Elena is coming from, though, but it is annoying Even small changes would help a show mages interacting with common born and being pricks We last saw that at the beginning of the last book and completely forgot why you hate them so muchb explain simple things to Elena and have her understand, for oncec show the reader that she even understands that there is a bigger picture and make her emphatic it can t be that hard Despite this one glaring problem, I really enjoyed this book TLDR Read this book.I just binge read both books.Wonderful character development it doesn t seem forced, but is instead done through discourse.The world is well developed you never wondered where anything was because of the nice map at the beginning.The plot is well thought out and doesn t have any holes in it. I truly love this series and can t wait for the next book to come out The style of writing is so pleasant, the setting and plot developed with such care and even the minor character have a heart and soul it all just sucks you in completely I have one minor complaint regarding Elena she is so bitter and conceited at times that it is really hard not to resent her for these moments, just let us have a sliver of warmth please good story, well written, holds interest Some novel concepts, believable events and characters Although this is story for younger reader s I have continued to enjoy the struggles of plans as she matures Wenn jemand die Gilde der schwarzen Magier von Trudi Canavan mag, wird er diese Serie lieben. Elena has found the power in her voice now she must decide how to use itFinally accepted as a mage, Elena struggles with her commonborn roots And when disaster strikes the kingdom, she cant shrug off the death toll as the mageborn have always done Yet the limitations of her spoken magic hold her back both in saving lives among the people and in competitions in the Academys arenaIn desperation she turns to an unlikely source of assistance Prince Lucas But just as she begins to master her powers, she finds herself the pawn of stronger forcesWith everything shes struggled for almost within her grasp, she must decide what and who is worth sacrificing to come into her full power and take her place among the mages If you enjoy strong heroines, fantasy worlds, adventure, intrigue, and romance, then try the Spoken Mage series now, starting with Voice of PowerThe Spoken Mage reading order Voice of PowerVoice of CommandVoice of DominionVoice of Life