Free eBook What shape is space ? : A primer for the 21st centuryAuthor Giles Sparrow –

Engaging there is a great deal to recommend about Sparrow s book for those wanting an approachable primer to this hugely complex question BBC Sky at NightAn invaluable resource The explanations are clear, inspiring and memorable, and the information laid out in an easy to follow narrative Definitely recommended SF Concatenation What Shape is Spaceis a question with surprisingly far reaching implications for our understanding of the very nature of reality and our place within it The concepts involved may be sophisticated, but Giles Sparrow s effortless prose style easily renders them understandable, allowing readers to get to grips with the overarching debates at the cutting edge of cosmology today Infographics, diagrams and astronomical visualizations illustrate and clarify the various astonishing implications of a universe of infinite space Table of ContentsIntroduction Does Space Have a ShapeMapping SpaceThe Expanding UniverseThe Omega FactorThe Shape of the Multiverse Conclusion Life, the Multiverse and Everything