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A Spectacular Conclusion Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review Locked Doors Are Opening, And Magical Creatures Are Tumbling Through Portals From Mag Mell, The World Between Worlds, Into The Streets Of Chicago Meanwhile, The Romance Between Seventeen Year Old Teagan, Who Is Part Goblin, And The Alluring Bad Boy Finn Mac Cumhaill Is Heating Up Which Is Awkward, Considering He Is Bound By A Family Curse To Fight Goblins His Entire Life Celtic Mythology, Adventure, And Paranormal Romance Fuse In The Electrifying Finale Of The Critically Acclaimed Goblin Wars Trilogy

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  1. Mina Mina says:

    Fair warning this is the last installment of a trilogy since the books aren t standalone novels, but rely heavily on each other, one cannot talk about When the stars threw down their spears without spoiling the events of the first two books If you haven t read them, you should stop reading here and start the trilogy at it s beginning Tyger, Tyger.Synopsis by Locked doors are opening, and uncanny creatures are tumbling through mysterious portals from Mag Mell, the world between worlds, into the streets of Chicago The Dark Man has marked Aiden with a new song that s scared him badly, and a frightening new group of s dhe is lurking nearby.Teagan knows this is war, and she must protect her family She leaves her flesh and bones behind to join Finn in hunting the evil beings across the city Meanwhile, their relationship is heating up almost faster than they can control But he is still bound to fight goblins his entire life and by blood she is one of them now.Then the gateway to Mag Mell cracks open again, and the Wylltsons find themselves caught in a trap As her loved ones begin to die, Teagan realizes that she must destroy the Dark Man and his minions once and for all in order to save those who remain before it is too late.Review The last book, In the forests of the night , in many ways was a taking a breath before jumping It was a preparation the reader and all characters knew, where everyone stood, that there was an inevitable final fight against the goblins and their god Fear Doirich aka The Dark Man just around the figurative corner and that there probably would be casualties.And casualties there were This installmant starts just after Teagan s bad goblin cousin Kyle had been killed for good, since he was in the flesh, not only there as a shadow and the police arrives and from this point on, there is no pause for any one of the characters It felt as if Kersten Hamilton had wanted to write a breathless, non stop action opposite of The forests of the night And I liked the pace since there had been all the character description and development that I was missing in Tyger, Tyger in the meantime, the action and the ample use of and adjustment to Teagan s powers as a pureblood Highborn were just the right thing to do.There finally was the showdown I and the cast of characters was waiting for and it was satisfiying Even the loss of people dear to Teagan and a betrayal of the worst kind that I won t spoil but I never ever saw that one coming I was stunned Shocked , don t decrease the feeling of an all answered and wrapped up kind of end.And I liked Teagan, her father, Finn and Abby even than in the last books, because now I knew where everyone was coming from Abby knows about the goblins and Mag Mell, the alternate world where goblins, shidhe and other fae that s what I call them live And with the knowledge she became an increasingly dependable and good friend for Teagan, her brother Aiden and finally even Finn she lost all the annoying sidekick that doesn t have a clue air she had before Teagan s father is one of the most likable characters ever and a total exception to the absent and or bothersome parents you usually find in YA he is a good person and learns to get a grip in the sight of the powers his daughter develops that make her the warrior as was her mother , whereas he is a lover, not a warrior as he says about himself I appreciated that there was always the glimpse of her mother and her father in Teagan and that in the end, their being opposites had created a balanced and capable heroine.The one thing I was not really fond of was the appearance of a few Deus ex machina characters that kind of conveniently pop into everyone s existence and are just what is needed to save the day or deliver what is necessary That felt a bit far fetched But it is a minor complaint, because overall not just the last book, but the whole trilogy was a captivating read with well developed and relatable characters and a wonderfully built alternate celtic mythology based goblin world.

  2. K. M. Martin K. M. Martin says:

    WHEN THE STARS THREW DOWN THEIR SPEARS was an amazing conclusion to an outstanding epic fantasy trilogy It had it all great danger, epic battles, humor, romance, and characters so real that you d swear you knew them.I was a little concerned when I began this book because I had read the second late in 2011 I ve read a lot of books since then But by Chapter 2, I was back in the story and pulling for my favorite characters to survive and make the world right again.The characters in this story are so wonderful Teagan Wylltson is smart, beautiful, serious and caring She is a goblin who has chosen to be a healer Her little brother Aiden is a bard and a typical six year old Tea will do anything to protect him from the evil creatures that want to keep him from saving Mag Mell Tea s boyfriend is Finn Mac Cumhaill who is this generation s goblin killer and who lived on the streets before being placed with Tea s family Then there is Abby who is Tea s best friend, a mafia princess, and who adds a lot of humor to the story.The adults in this story are wonderful characters too John Paul Wylltson is a librarian and bard and, although he is completely human, he knows the stories and the poems and the songs that his children need when dealing with the creatures and worlds that are real to them Mamieo is a wise old woman who adopted Tea s mother and who has been a mentor to Finn Zo is Aiden s dance therapist and friend and seems completely at home in Mag Mell despite the fact that humans can t go there.A new character is introduced in this story Seamus McGillahee appears first as a lawyer sent to get Tea out of jail after an incident at her high school He is young, brash, and, as Mr Wylltson says, as smart as he thinks he is He also hates goblins and is in denial about his father s Irish Traveler heritage He is one of the characters who changes greatly during this story He moves from a smart guy with no real purpose in life to a man who has a destiny.There are many non human characters too Sprites like Lucy who hides in Aiden s hair, a Phooka named Gil, an angel named Raynor Schein, a tree named Joe, and all sorts of cat sidhe.Like all epic fantasy, the characters are tested to the limits of their souls There are heart breaking losses and triumphs too Shining through it all is love of all kinds love of family, romantic love, love for all humanity This book is made of awesome.I think this whole series is vastly underrated and under publicized But, don t take my word for it, visit your local library or bookstore and find Tyger, Tyger and In the Forests of the Night and see for yourself.I don t think you will be disappointed I can hardly wait until school begins again to share this trilogy with my students I know that this whole series has been added to my keeper shelves and my Kindle.

  3. Goose Girl Goose Girl says:

    This is it And I probably would still be sitting on it if the e arc didn t expire back in June That s how I am about series that I love I hate for the last book I want to know what happens but I don t want it to end But there was something different with THE STARS THREW DOWN THEIR SPEARS There was so much story left to be told Not just loose ends to be tied up, but another journey into Mag Mell, a love story to finish, one way or another, and a story to be told This was no wrap up book This was a story within itself And I was so blown away by this book it made me want to start the series all over again.So there are so many characters in this novel I can t even begin to list all the main ones What I will say is that there is even depth to the characters than ever before Secondary characters become primary characters and Abby, Teagan, Aiden and Finn become much to each other People will die is true and you just have to brace yourself The first time is shocking and I cried I ve come to love these characters I know their histories, their life stories and it took a little bit of me every time I lost one of them But some people had to die and the ones that did made sense As Teagan and Aiden s mother always said, The Irish don t have happy endings The electricity between Finn and Teagan is like lightning Sparks fly Mountains move The world holds it s breath I m telling you, these two have chemistry And I might have a slight crush on Finn He s Irish for one so he s got that accent thing going on He s never out of his comfort zone no matter where he is He just kind of always lands on his feet Oh and he goes nowhere without duct tape He s pretty sure it can fix anything Teagan is still focused on her plan after she kills Fear Doirich of course, but she needs to fit Finn in her life now.The world in this one is complicated The world where Teagan lives with her family is also inhabited with scary creatures and good creatures that only those with the sight can see So her dad can t see them and talks to walls when he thinks he s talking to a cat like creature Mamieo isn t exactly tolerant of these creatures since a goblin killed her husband who was The MacCumhaill But Mag Mell, which is very hard to describe, is filled with creatures, good and bad and sometimes humans Mag Mell itself isn t evil, it was just overrun with evil creatures And Teagan can hear the trees of Mag Mell calling to her asking for help because they are dying.The story is simple but complex Easy kill Fear Doirich Hard get back into Mag Mell which is sealed Sneak in so that no one knows they are there Getting into the heart of the city without being detected and then killing Fear Doirich, not an easy thing to do even if they get that far And above all, Teagan wants to save Mag Mell.My thoughts This was way than what I expected I was not expecting an even better novel than the last two I wasn t expecting to be completely floored by the losses The story didn t go exactly as I thought it would Actually, I had no clue how it would work out Fear Doirich can be anywhere at any time and anybody can work for him so being caught in Mag Mell is a constant danger So I commend Kersten Hamilton for figuring out this complicated plot I wouldn t know how to save my favorite characters The story is complete No loose endings There is a little humor as the book wraps up Even though it sounds dark and the story does have some dark parts, there are some lighter moments, a couple of romances and possibly a happy ending for some of the Irish.I absolutely recommend this complete series but if you ve read the first two and were thinking of not finishing the series, don t do it This book is easily the best in the series even though I ve loved them all I think Kersten Hamilton put her heart into this one and it shows It s absolutely a worthy finale to a fabulous fantasy series

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    A really wonderful job by Kersten Hamilton bringing her trilogy to its conclusion The story teller, uses a bard like feel to the way the words dance through the story, pulling the reader into it I definitely will read Ms Hamilton s words with her next story, what ever she chooses to share with us.

  5. Ariadne H. Ariadne H. says:

    This conclusion to The Goblin Wars was everything I could have hoped for and gracefully ends the main conflict amidst sacrifice and struggle while maintaining the core theme of hope and love.

  6. A Dreamer A Dreamer says:

    Wow I don t even know if I can come up with the words to tell you how amazing this series is The Irish mythology, the funtastical characters, the poetry and literature scattered throughout the book make the whole picture so beautiful it s heartbreaking.