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Who Is Bono On March the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP an American organization that fights for civil rights and justicepresented a special award to a rock star His name was Paul Hewson, but everyone called him Bono He was being honored for the work he had done to raise money for the poor and sick, especially in Africa When Bono took the stage, he wore a dark suit and the oversize sunglasses he was famous for His band, U, was one of the most successful groups in music history They played all over the world to sold out stadium crowds Theyd won twenty two Grammy Awards Their records had sold millions of copies They had fans everywhere they went But it didnt start out that way Bono was born an ordinary boy in the Irish city of Dublin, where people who went to Catholic churches did not always get along with people who went to Protestant churches Bono asked himself what God meant in a world where people suffered and wars were fought He had taken all his questions and doubts and put them into song lyrics When Bono took the stage, he didnt talk about rock and roll He talked about people who had nothing People who were suffering People who needed help And he talked about one of the most important forces in his life God After all his years of questioning, Bono had learned one thing for sure God wanted people to help one another The poor are where God lives, Bono said God is with the poor And God is with us, if we are with them Bono lived the kind of glamorous life he could only dream about as a boy He had become a star But once he had that life, he discovered there wereimportant things he needed to do Not for himself, but for the world ChapterDublin Paul David Hewson was born in Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, on May ,His parents were Bob and Iris Hewson He had one brother, Norman, who was seven years older His father, Bob, worked for the post office Bob and Iris were both Christian, but they were different kinds of Christians Bob was Catholic, and Iris was Protestant In Dublin, it was very unusual for Catholics and Protestants to marry The two groups did not get along In Northern Ireland, fighting between Catholics and Protestants often became violent Even as a young boy, Paul wondered why Christianity, which taught that people should love one another, made people hate one another Paul did believe in fighting for some things On his first day of school, a boy bit one of Pauls friends Paul shoved the bully into a nearby railing When Paul got a Batman costume, he walked around his neighborhood telling everyone he was going to fight crime Some older boys laughed at him They pulled his Batman mask down over his eyes so he couldnt see anything The school that Paul went to was for Protestant children He and his brother went to a Protestant church on Sundays with their mother while their Catholic father waited outside As Paul got older he started to think school was boring Sometimes he didnt go at all He just walked around the city of Dublin His parents started to worry about his grades When Paul was twelve, a new school opened near his house It was called Mount Temple Comprehensive School It was different from other Dublin schools because it accepted all kidsProtestant and Catholic, boys and girls The students at Mount Temple didnt wear uniforms, which was very unusual in Ireland Pauls parents thought this new school might be a good place for him Paul liked Mount Temple He got to wear different styles of clothes and becameconfident He made friends with other students, both boys and girls When he was twelve, Paul started playing chess with Norman and his father He fell in love with the game He wanted to play it all the time When he heard about an international chess competition in Dublin, he entered even though he was only twelve He was the youngest person in the whole tournament, so he stood out among all the other players He liked the attention, even though he didnt win When he wasnt playing chess, Paul was often borrowing his brothers records He liked a lot of popular performers, including David Bowie, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin He also liked Rory Gallagher, who happened to be Irish There werent many rock stars who were Irish When Bono finally shopped for his very first record, he bought John Lennon and Yoko Onos song Happy Xmas War is Over It was a Christmas song asking the world to end all wars Even though he didnt live in Northern Ireland, Paul was still very aware of the Troubles there That war was very close to home On September when Paul was fourteen years old, his mother died She hadnt been sick, so it was a complete shock to everyone Iris had collapsed at her own fathersPauls grandfathersfuneral Suddenly she was gone Paul, his father, and his brother were left aloneHow did an Irish schoolboy become the lead singer of a world famous rock band and the founder of several humanitarian groups Track Bono s rise to fame in this exciting addition to the Who Was series By age , Paul David Hewson was such a good singer that he had earned the nickname Bono Vox, a Latin phrase that translates to good voice When he became the frontman of the newly formed rock band U in , he adopted part of the nickname and Bono was introduced to the world Today, U have sold overmillion albums and won numerous awards, includingGrammys In addition to having stellar vocals and a compelling stage presence, Bono is also recognized for his commitment to social justice This book shares the story of this charitable rock star who has been named a Person of the Year by TIME magazine and who is recognized as a global icon of goodwill