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Who Is Jeff Kinney Patricia and Brian Kinneys home in Virginia, there is a framed newspaper article hanging on the wall The headline reads Igdoof Takes On the Real World There is a photo of their son Jeff, twenty two years old, grinning next to a drawing of a bug eyed cartoon character That character was Igdoof In college, Jeff wrote and illustrated a popular comic strip about him The article predicted that Jeff would have no trouble becoming a professional cartoonist That was his dream But after several years of disappointment, Jeff wasnt so sure When he came home to visit his parents, hed look at the article and frown He wondered if his dream would ever come true In college, Jeff had been a celebrity Fans of Igdoof asked Jeff for his autograph They wore T shirts with characters from his comic strip on them Besides Igdoof, there was a green bean named Pooshfa Another was Jerome, a man with incredibly red lips But to become a professional cartoonist, Jeff needed a syndicate Thats a company that sells comic strips to newspapers all over the United States The trouble was, no syndicate liked Igdoof The rejection letters began piling up One thing became clear to Jeff His illustrations werent good enough They didnt look as professional as the artwork in Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, and other comic strips in the big newspapers Jeffs drawings lookedlike the doodles of a kid in middle school Even so, Jeff knew he had funny ideas He just needed a way to share them with an audience, the way he had in college Jeff got an idea that might work What if he wrote an illustrated journal from the point of view of a middle school kid Then his drawings wouldnt have to be all that good That idea was the beginning of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, one of the most popular childrens books everEven as a kid, everyone thought Jeff Kinney was talented People loved his drawings, and when he went to college, his comic strip Igdoof was so popular that it spread to other universities Still, Jeff faced challenges His cartoons were rejected by syndicates that claimed his art was unprofessional Then, an idea struck Jeff would write a journal from the perspective of a child, illustrated with doodles just like a kid might do And so, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series was born and it was a hit In this biography, Jeff s brother, Patrick Kinney, provides a knowledgeable look at the life of this best selling author illustrator From Jeff s childhood pranks to his job developing online games, kids will love the chance to learnabout the creator of the popular Wimpy Kid books From the Trade Paperback edition