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I completely agree with previous reviewers while this is a superb introduction to the life, work explaining Blake s worldview through the distorting rationalist lens that Blake himself rejected Instead, he presents the All in the small that Blake embraced by using it as a frame for his book Using Blake s early little pamphlet The Gates of Paradise as the entrance to Blake s magnificent vision is a stroke of brilliance Added to this is the judicious selection of art poetry, enough to kindle the imagination of readers coming to Blake for the first time Even for longtime readers of Blake, this is a book worth adding to your shelves most highly recommended I loved this book I knew the name William Blake but now I know all about him and I am pleased to have read this wonderful book. Wonderful summary of Blakes life geared towards young adults but also helpful for older readers Great illustrations and beautiful inside cover illustrations A real joy to read and own AJ FAL Journey back to the s to meet one of the most fascinating people in history Dreamer, craftsman, poet, madman, and genius William Blake Born inin London, as a boy he apprenticed as an engraver and began a career that would include masterpieces of art Blake lived during times of incredible change and upheaval, including the Gordon Riots and the French Revolution Spiritualism and the allure of magic were being replaced by a belief in rationalism Blake celebrated the beauty of small things His work showed,a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower William Blake Yet, with the noise and dirt of mills factories , the Industrial Revolution was drowning out a quiet, rural way of life The value of things made carefully by hand was being lost At the same time, the printing press was making it possible for and people to read The rise of printed books and book illustration was revolutionary and Blake was part of it On the th anniversary of Blake s birth, master storyteller Michael Bedard brings this Renaissance man and his times to vivid life in this biography that is lavishly illustrated with Blake s work