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One nightIt was supposed to be one wild night with my frienda fiercely sexy chefNow I cant stop thinking about her Cant stop craving her flavorAnd that was before I found out our no strings night resulted in two little pink linesAs the number one Winger for the Seattle Sharks and the last man standing in our bad boy trio, the only lines Im familiar with are red and blueBut while hockey is my life, Jeannine branded herself on my heart Shes in so deep I couldnt cut her out even if I wanted toWhat do I want EverythingShe wants to do this on her ownshes never needed a man The little bundle swelling her gorgeous body isnt going to change thatIve got three months to change Jeanines mindto prove Im ready to trade the nightlife for dad life, but for once, my reputation off the ice isnt helping me score the girl The harder I try, the higher she builds her wallsThe thought of losing them both isterrifying than a career ending injury Our clock is running down, and if I cant prove that Im all in for her and our baby, our chance at forever will end in a shut out This time Im playing for keeps

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